BitchTapes: Who's Hungry? (Reprise)

Lindsay Baltus
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Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and since today is a day of recovery/digestion, I figured it also might be a nice time to listen to some food-themed songs and reminisce about yesterday's feast. Kelsey did a food mix a few months ago, but it's such a good theme, and there are so many good songs about food, that I had to reprise it. I'm also going to steal her idea to put the songs in chronological food order, from breakfast to dessert. (The mix is a little dessert-heavy, but what can I say…I love dessert.) Dig in!

1) The Raincoats: “Fairytale in the Supermarket” Before you eat, you have to go buy the food somewhere. A surprising number of songs mention markets (The Clash's “Lost in the Supermarket” and Broken Social Scene's “Marketfresh” were runners-up) but the Raincoats are so awesome I had to choose this one. Even though it's not really about the supermarket at all. 2) Sarah Vaughn: “Black Coffee” This song sounds a little more like how I feel before I have my coffee in the morning. “I'm hanging out on Monday/My Sunday dreams to dry.” Yuck, what a terrible case of the Mondays Sarah Vaughn has. What could help her remedy these blues? 3) Yo La Tengo: “Sugarcube” I know!! Sugar!!!! 4) The Flaming Lips: “She Don't Use Jelly” Ideally, with coffee comes breakfast. And if you're the Flaming Lips, that breakfast is a really weird meal involving Vaseline on toast. 5) Asobi Seksu: “Strawberries” Need to wash the Vaseline taste out of your mouth? Have some strawberries and shoegaze. 6) The Moldy Peaches: “These Burgers” Lunchtime! In keeping with the Moldy Peaches' penchant for super-quirk, these are no ordinary burgers we're having for lunch. “These burgers/Are craaaazy!” 7) Young Marble Giants: “Eating Noddemix” Noddemix is the Swedish term for “mixed nuts,” and this is a song about apathy, much like that midafternoon slump you get that means it's time to reach for a protein-rich snack. 8) The Evens: “Dinner with the President” This is no ordinary dinner. The Evens believe that the gastronomical is political, so be prepared for a pretty intense meal. 9) Kaki King: “Yellowcake” So begins dessert. This is another song with food in the title that doesn't actually have much to do with food. Although I will say that the mixture of bliss and melancholy in this song is pretty much exactly how I feel after I eat a bunch of cake. 10) Cibo Matto: “White Pepper Ice Cream” What's cake without ice cream? Cibo Matto has about a million songs about food, but I like this one for its mellow beat and because I like to imagine what white pepper ice cream might taste like. According to Cibo Matto, it'd be “Like a line drawing…In my mouth/It stings my lips/It's like eclipse.” Okay then! 11) Aimee Mann: “Red Vines” Red Vines don't seem to give Aimee Mann quite the joy they give me, but I suppose high fructose corn syrup isn't for everyone. 12) Beat Happening: “Fortune Cookie Prize” One of my favorite songs ever. A little bit sweet and a little bit cryptic, much like a fortune cookie! Hope you had a delicious time. Feel free to share your food-themed favorites in the comments!

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Oooh. May I suggest throwing

Oooh. May I suggest throwing in some Shonen Knife? "Fruit Loop Dreams", "Strawberry Cream Puff", "Banana Chips", "Ice Cream City", "I wanna eat choco bars", "Fruits and vegetables", "Brown mushrooms", "Gyoza", "Mango juice", "Hot chocolate" -- take your pick!


WOW! i like a band that likes their food.

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