BitchTapes: Women-Made Electronica Playlist

The history of electronic music arguably starts with the patenting of the theremin in 1928, and Clara Rockmore was there from its inception to champion the instrument as both an important technological and artistic advancement. This mix highlights the brilliant, creative women who make (and made) electronic music and their innovations in techniques, programs, and tools to make new sounds possible. Best with headphones.

by Alison Pezanoski-Browne
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Alley Pezanoski-Browne is a writer and media producer currently based in Portland, Oregon. She has also lived in and loved Milwaukee, Chicago, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. She is a big fan of good books, music, food, and living room dance parties.

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fabulous selection - many

fabulous selection - many thanks for this :)

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I just wanted to say that I really like this mix and think it was conceived around a really interesting topic . I don't known much about these artists' work except for a bit about Clara Rockmore and Laurie Anderson. I was thinking, though, that this could potentially be a really engrossing post if it included a bit of bio or any interesting information regarding the ways in which these artists are/were being innovative. I'm listening to the mix now (on headphones *thumbs up*) but would love some more info!

I'm so happy to hear that

I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying this mix! And I'm also glad to hear that a post with more bio and musical process details would be interesting to folks, because it is definitely something I'm working on. These musicians are endlessly fascinating to me. Bebe and Louis Barron were some of the first people ever to use recording tape! Daphne Oram co-founded the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and both Delia Derbyshire and Glynis Jones also worked there creating sounds and music for BBC programming! Laurie Spiegel creates music programs as well as making music and worked for both Bell Labs and Apple in the 70s and 80s! Basically there are so many interesting things about these women, and I do hope to write and share more with you soon.

Electric Ladyland is actually

Electric Ladyland is actually a current radio show on BBC 6. And it's hosted by Nemone Metaxas and there are podcasts. This just randomly reminded me about it. It's a good show.

holy crap this is awesome!

holy crap this is awesome!

We should be proud about her

We should be proud about her creativity and innovations that make electronic music in the position she dreamed.

Electric Ladyland

Wonderful mix,really enjoyed.

Thanks for the wonderful mix!

Hi Alley, thanks so much for bringing all these artists and their inspiring work together in this very flowing mix. Delia Derbyshire and Bebe Barron are both great heroes of mine and it was very interesting to hear their work in the context of some other artists who I had not yet come across. Thanks again, cheers John

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