BitchTapes: The Forgotten Women of Hip Hop

This BitchTape was originally published on March 27, 2015.

This week’s feminist mixtape comes from Dope Folks Records, a record label that specializes in rare and unreleased limited-edition vinyl releases. The mix features female hip-hop artists “from big names to virtual unknowns from the Golden Era to the mid-’90s”—all from the personal vinyl collection of the Dope Folks team. There are plenty of gems here. Check out Dope Folks’ other great mixes over on Soundcloud

Thanks to Ellie Piper for telling me about these mixes! 

Track List:

1. Cinque - “Operation Desert Storm”

2. Julee Vee - “Power 2 Tha Womanhood”

3. Shazzy - “Giggahoe”

4. Sweet Tee - “As the Beat Goes On”

5. Ms. Nikki D. - “Work that Sucker”

6. Ms. Melodie - “To Sing All Night”

7. MC Lovely - “Gash Your Whole Head Up”

8. Antoinette - “Who’s the Boss”

9. Pure & Natural - “Startin’ Funky”

10. Nu Black Nation - “Soul Vibration”

11. Princess Tee - “Edit”

12. Sonyalive - “I’m Coming into Consciousness”

13. Sundance - “A Better Day”

14. Roxanne Shanté - “Straight Razor”

15. Isis - “In the Mind of One”

16. Kyna Antee a.k.a. The Mistress - “Let it Go”

17. The Queen of Ghetto Madness - “It’s Time for Me to Run”

18. Mc L & Tone Tee - “Where Did You Get That MC L Jam?”

19. Cookie Crew - “Secrets of Success (Cooks Mix)”

20. T-Love - “I’m Coming”

21. MC Lyte - “Poor Georgie”

22. Sweetie C a.k.a. Simply Smooth - “Get Busy One Time”

23. Antoinette - “Take It To the Top”

24. Glamorous - “Good To Go”

25. Sweet Tee - “It’s Like That Y’all”

26. L.A. Star - “My Tale”

27. Ice Cream Tee - “To Be Continued”

28. Ms. Melodie - “Communications”

29. Julee Vee - “U’ll Never Get Deez”

30. MC Lyte - “I Am the Lyte”

31. Isis - “Wizard of Optics”

32. Shazzy - “Get a Job Kid”

33. MIA - “Chick on the Side”

34. Roxanne Shanté - “Big Mama (Freestyle Mix)”

35. MC Lovely - “Don’t Let the Name Fool Ya”

36. N-Tyce - “Hush Hush”

37. BO$$ - “Drive By”

38.  Venom (Sinner & Deeday, N Tyce) - “Boulevard”

39. Heather B - “Send ‘Em Back” 40. T-Love - “When You’re Older”

40. T-Love - “When You’re Older”

41. Ghetto Girlz - “My Man’s Playing Tricks on Me”

42. First Star - “All I Want To Do Is”

by Sarah Mirk
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Sarah Mirk is the former host of Bitch Media’s podcast Popaganda. She’s interested in gender, history, comics, and talking to strangers. You can follow her on Twitter

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nice, very nice. I love that

Not available on 8tracks

Not available on 8tracks BitchTapes?
Coming soon? Or just Soundcloud, due to licensing?
Great mix!

Loving this, thank you! I am

Loving this, thank you! I am a modern day feminist hop artist. Please check me out!