Bitchtapes: Groundhog Day Was Yesterday

Kjerstin Johnson
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While brainstorming for this week's mix (too early for anti-Valentine's Day songs and too late for Squirrel Appreciation Day?) Kelsey came up with something brilliant: a mix inspired by the 1993 movie Groundhog Day featuring the same song played over and over again (Bill Murray's character in the film experiences, inescapably, the holiday every day). But because the utter meta-ness of the mix might be overpowering (and because 8Tracks doesn't let you include two songs by the same artist), I thought different artists singing the same song might be a little more palatable. It turns out one of the most-covered songs of all times, “Yesterday” by the Beatles, is more than apt for Punxsutawney Phil's shadow-casting on Thursday. And from En Vogue's harmonizing to Tammy Wynette's lonesome wail, it turns out some of the most original covers have been by women. So here's ten tracks dedicated to yesterday, Bill, and Phil… and if it ever feels like déjà-vu, just press “next.”

Groundhog Day Was Yesterday from BitchTapes on 8tracks.

1. Princess Yakie 2. Marvin Gaye 3. Tammy Wynette 4. Sarah Vaughan 5. Joan Baez 6. Willie Nelson 7. Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles 8. The Count Basie Band 9. Gladys Knight and the Pips 10. En Vogue

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such an awesome idea for a

such an awesome idea for a mix.

awesome idea for a mix.

awesome idea for a mix.

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