BitchTapes: Young at Heart (and Age)

Sometimes music sounds youthful and exuberant, and then sometimes you flip the record cover over and see the a picture of three smiling 16-year-olds and you think “damn, they are actually are young and exuberant!” This week's BitchTapes is dedicated to those who don't wait around to start making awesome music. Also, Kitty Pryde.

Bitchtapes: Young at Heart (and Age) from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


Kitty Pryde - “hittin lix” - Yes, I put Kitty Pryde on this mixtape. This rising Florida rap weirdo is kind of like if someone spilled reagent on their Macbook and transmogrified Tumblr into a walking, rapping 19 year-old. I kind of can't stop listening.

Cap'n Jazz - “Basil's Kite” - Cap'n Jazz bring me back to high school so hard I can almost hear “gimme your lunch money” between the notes.

Anorexia - “Wake Up” - These two Nevada teens' stripped down “Various Hairstyles” is almost worth it for their rad covers as they are the quiet, effusive bedroom ballads.

Germs - “Lexicon Devil” - Lorna Doom, Pat Smear, Don Bolles, and Darby Crash couldn't even buy a drink at the clubs where they first played their sarcastic take on the burgeoning punk sound of the '70s—maybe that's why you hear Darby Crash slurring “gimmmee a beeerrr” in between every song in Decline of Western Civilization.

Himanshu - “Desi Shoegaze Taiko” - Okay, this is a total cheat. Heems started off fresh out of college with his crew Das Racist, but this track is from his first solo piece, Nehru Jackets. The mixtapes follows Himanshu as he navigates his fucked-up party life with a soberingly conscious mentality, mixing stories of growing up with an Indian background in Queens with guest verses by Danny Brown and producer Mike Finito.

The Slits - “So Tough” - The Slits rambunctious dub-punk classic sounds gave a wedgie to everyone who thought punk couldn't evolve past rote three-chord runarounds.

Adventures - “Reach Out to You” - These five Pittsburgh recent high school graduates veer between drastic emotions on their first seven inch. Shed a tear in the mosh pit for me.

Swearin' - “Here to Hear” - You might know Alison Crutchfield as a teenage wee lass pounding the kit for P.S. Eliot, but she's switched to ripping out majestic pop-punk hooks with her latest band, Swearin'. Also, how freaking cool would it be to have a New York Times article devoted to you and your sister's musical exploits? Yeah, Alison knows that.

What are your favorite bands that still have their learner's permits?

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