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Even though I’m currently on vacation, I still need an extra boost to get out of bed sometimes. Coffee is great and a cold shower is effective, but neither are as fun as listening to jumpy, catchy music. So, consider this your 25.4 minutes slice of WAKE UP heaven.

1. Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

While Show Your Bones made me wary of any new YYYs material, “Zero” is my new #1 song to jump out of bed and dance to (though “Deceptacon” will always be a classic). First single from new album, It’s Blitz!

2. Wild Thing - The Creatures

Inspired by Kelsey’s Gender Bender mix, this cover from The Creatures (featuring Siouxsie Sioux!) is my eccentric jam.

3. California Goth - Wavves

Since I’m doing this post from my hometown of San Francisco, I thought it was only fitting to include this Wavves tune.

4. Tell The World - Vivian Girls

The first time I listened to Vivian Girls, I remember being conflicted. On one hand, I loved their music. On the other, I was mad that they had captured the perfect sound before my imaginary future band even got an imaginary future band name.

5. Sister Ann - The Gories

If I ever feel like I need a sass injection STAT, I just listen to The Gories on repeat. End of story.

6. Tunnel Of Love - Wanda Jackson

Wanda Jackson has already been recognized for her rockabilly brilliance on at least one other blog, but “Tunnel Of Love” is by far her best song.

7. Rave On - Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly was my gateway musician for early rock and roll (paving the way for my love of artists like Roy Orbison, Otis Redding, and Patsy Cline). While picking a favorite Buddy Holly song is like picking a favorite child, “Rave On” always makes me grin.

8. Jaan Pehechaan Ho - Mohammed Rafi

Yes. This is the Ghost World song. And yes, I have recreated that dance scene in front of my mirror MANY a time. So what? I’m actually worried if you haven’t done the same.

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