Blood: The Last Vampire

Angry Asian Man over at Racialicious gives the goods for the new live-action adaptation of the anime favorite, Blood. The film stars South Korean actress, Jeon Ji-Hyun as the heroine. Angry Asian Man says:

Jeon, who has apparently changed her name to Gianna Jun
for the leap over the Hollywood, stars as Saya, a half-human,
half-vampire samurai who is part of a covert government agency that
hunts and destroys demons. In post-WWII Japan, she is inserted in an
American military school to discover which one of her classmates is a
demon in disguise.

While I was
a fan of the original animated movie, and enjoy vampire asskicking as
much as the next guy, I am skeptical about whether this can stand out
amongst the Buffy/Blade/Underworld narratives out there. And can Ms.
Jun prove her chops as an English-speaking star? I guess we’re going to
find out. The movie is set to open in theaters sometime this summer.

The trailer makes it look like a visual cross between Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and, perhaps, Sin City? I have to admit that I haven't seen the anime original, but I'm a sucker for female action/fantasy films. Does anyone watch the animated series? Are you excited or nervous about this live-action adaptation?

by Briar Levit
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I thought the anime looked

I thought the anime looked great and had a good concept, but it was only and hour and didn't do enough with it, so I'm looking forward to this. The trailer looks awesome.


i loved the anime. it was good. my only problem with it was that saya often spent a lot of time frozen in fear or indecision during fights. i hope thats left out in the movie.


The anime was awesome except the ending which didn't really make sense---it seems to me that the live action movie will do a little more with the story which is very rich.

Honestly, from the trailer, this just might be the movie that finally unleashes a flood of awesome manga/anime inspired movies. And that means more kick butt heroines for us! Yahoo!

Blood+ Forever

I liked the movie, loved the TV series and adore the manga- the part that's translated. I didn't even know there was going to be a live action movie until now, and I'm skeptical after watching the trailer. I fear that Saya may be too whiny and in need of saving in the movie, as often seems to be the fate of female characters in blockbuster movies. That said, I hope the movie does the story justice but will keep my fingers crossed!

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