Break Out Your Index Cards (if you are in PDX!)


Bitch's quarterly issue release party and Pop Culture Debate Club are fast approaching!

The first topic up for debate, "Britney Spears: Who's to Blame?"

Come prepared with your own topic ideas, opinions, and heckles.

And pick up a copy of the new issue while you're at it (the Wired issue). 7 p.m., March 11, In Other Words, 8 NE Killingsworth, Portland.

Check out our community partner - Oregon Tradeswomen Inc - they help women find high skill, high wage careers in construction - very awesome.

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3 Comments Have Been Posted

Waah why can't I live in Portland!?

<p>I really really want to be a part of a pop culture debate club, especially one associated with Bitch! What's a sad east-coaster to do... Start my own... I know... We shall see.</p><p>Hey -- what if you at some future debate club gave people the ability to send questions and comments from the web like those crazy CNN viewer-input shows, only without the commercials. That would be way cool.</p>


The only thing stopping me from being there to talk Brit is the sheer distance. I debate Brit all day-- at work, with co workers, at home with my partner, and sometimes by myself. I find the whole situation so fascinating and LOVE talking about it. Video conference, anyone?
Instead, I'll be checking my mailbox incessantly.

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