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Tina Fey’s return to the Weekend Update chair included a big dollop of support for Hillary Clinton along with an argument for taking back the word bitch.
This could only have been better if she’d held up a copy of Bitch magazine!

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she had to be all 'bitch is the new black'. i can't believe that she didn't realize the racial implication of that, which means she probably meant it that way. and the idea that a white lady being a viable presidential candidate is any more historical or important than a black man in the same position is a little blind.

not to mention hilary isn't terribly revolutionary in any of her ideas, and is as power hungry as any other candidate. i mean, what is it about having a woman president that is really appealing? because i'd rather have a socialist president of any gender myself. whoever wins will still tow the hegemonic line only slightly less catastrophically than mr. bush has.

Wasn't impressed

I really wasn't impressed with this piece from Fey.

I have to agree with the above poster, I have a hard time believing she didn't see how distasteful "bitch is the new black" would be in this context. But I personally was offended.

I was also offended that apparently if I'm not supporting Clinton it's because I give a shit who Oprah wants me to vote for. Real bitches don't base their opinions on what other famous bitches want them to do.


I thought it was funny

I thought it was funny, but unfortunately its causing me grief.

I like Obama more for a number of reasons, however over the last few weeks I've been given grief from friends for 'betraying' Clinton because she is a woman.

I have had issues with Hillary for years, because of her stances on flag burning, censorship, and the fact that she did not read the NIE before her Iraq vote and was the only Democrat to take the floor and echo the Al Qaeda connections. I can also say that her personality leaves something to be desired, being somewhat unrestrained too often, too unapologetic... Molly Ivans wrote years ago about why she'd never vote for Hillary, and I tended to agree with her reasoning.

That said, I would gladly (if I could, I'm Canadian) take her over McCain. The people who say they wont vote if X wins drive me nuts, because they forget that the next prez will decide several supreme court seats, and unlike Bush, I believe McCain would do what he could to swing Roe vs Wade. Most Republicans like to keep it hanging to drive out the religious vote - I think McCain would follow through.

I don't think voting against Hillary is a vote against women. I DO think voting against the Democrat nominee, doing everything possible to smear Barack (as Taylor Marsh and Larry Johnson have), is - simply because protecting abortion rights via the next nominee is priority one as far as i'm concerned. Some people seem intent to poison the well in order to make it possible for Hillary to run again in 2012, and it makes me a little bit sick.

I've been told by some of my friends that voting against Hillary is a 'betrayal of women', and their guilt trip honestly gets on my nerves, and now they're using the Tina Fey thing against me, which has unfortunately stripped the funny away from her op-ed. To me voting against Hillary (in the primary) is about as misogynist as criticizing Jackie Mason is anti-semitic.

PS - if anyone cares I am a male and I've worked (illustrated) for Bitch in a previous issue

PPS - not an Oprah fan, if only because she unleashed that awful awful "Secret" phenomenon to the world.

years ago when clinton moved

years ago when clinton moved to new york, someone outright asked her if she was moving here so she could run for president. she said no. and i think she was lying. of course i would vote for her if she gets the nomination, but i would vote for any democrat who got the nomination. i don't think she'd be a bad president. i just think she is not the best candidate and cares a bit more about her own power than the country and the people living here.

and if we're keeping track, i'm a lady.

Feminist Sense of Humor?

This is a Saturday Night Live sketch. It's one woman's opinion. And it's funny. Even if you don't like or support Hillary Clinton, it IS possible to laugh at (and enjoy) Fey's take on what it means to be a 'bitch'.

I just wish we feminists as a whole could have a little more sense of humor about politics and about ourselves as a group.

lovelovelove... until the

lovelovelove... until the last line. For my own viewing pleasure, I've been stopping it just before pulls that "is the new black" dear-god-that's-awful line. (Ack.)

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