B-word on the East Coast

Today is Day One of our first-ever fundraising trip. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us—venturing outside our little bat cave to meet some of our supporters on the other side of the country, and do some fundraising and education to keep our nonprofit operation thriving.

I flew from our headquarters in Portland, Oregon to New York City, and was greeted by Bitch cofounder Lisa Jervis, who had flown in from her home of Oakland. For those who don’t know, we moved the B-word operations from Oakland to Portland last February, and we’ve been busily settling in ever since. Although Lisa is no longer on staff, she’s still an active member of our Board, and always eager to jump in.

In preparing for the trip, I’d not only had enough foresight to check the weather for all 11 days, I’d even marked in my calendar what the highs and lows would be for each day. But apparently I was in denial about the predictions (which were 70s and 80s for most of the 11 days), so packed only sweaters, long pants, and an array of scarves, hats, and fingerless gloves.

Turns out, the weather reports were correct, and I felt ridiculous—and sweaty—in my sweater, vest, scarf, hat, and heavy pants as I left the airport and waited for a cab. Regardless, I felt pretty lucky to nap on an air mattress on a patio in Brooklyn in October. Equally cool was the dog that lives downstairs from my friends who greeted me outside as I exited the cab. When I approached, his face lit up and he literally dropped to the ground, rolled over, and looked at me expectantly while excitedly wagging his tail, clearly wanting some affection. When I knelt down to pet him and saw the name “Chewy” on his tag, I just about melted. (This photo doesn’t do his cuteness justice, but still, you get a sense.)


Later in the day, Lisa and I met up with a long-time Bitch supporter at Bluestockings, a radical bookstore—really one of the best bookstores in the country in my opinion. We had a great time chatting about the Midwest versus the East Coast, the merits of Buffy from season to season, and the future plans for this very website.

Afterwards, we walked down the street to Moo Shoes, a vegan shoe store that not only has a fantastic selection of shoes, belts, bags, and other animal-friendly accessories, but cute cats shuffling about and napping in the windows. Lisa, who’s the first to admit her crazy cat-lady tendencies, asked to borrow my camera so she could capture a double-snaggle-toothed cat on camera.


Tomorrow, the fundraising tour officially begins—we’ve organized eight fundraising house parties in 10 days: Brooklyn to Washington, DC to New York to Philadelphia to Boston back to New York City. Exciting.

by Debbie Rasmussen
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