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Apart from a brief fascination with Go Fug Yourself and the de rigeuer doctor's office perusal of People, I'm just not that compelled by celeb gossip, whether it's online or in print. Sometime in the last year, though, someone sent me a link to the Celebrity Baby Blog, which is like an entire blogful of Us Weekly's "Just Like Us!" section with content limited solely to celebrity reproduction and offspring. Accompanying photos of celebs walking down the street with their Bugaboo-encased tots are helpful descriptions of, and links to, the stroller brand, the tot's outfit, the stroller bag, etc. It's all harmless enough, and the site's definition of "celebrity" is quite broad.

No, what's really noteworthy about CBB is how gosh-darn nice it all is. Bloggers and commenters alike seem to be genuinely happy for, say, Halle Berry and her brand-new baby girl (name not yet made public), or that American Idol has-been Bo Bice's wife is expecting their second child. In an era of extreme celeb schadenfreude, that's kind of refreshing. 

by Rachel Fudge
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go fug yourself

<p>somehow, knowing you read go fug yourself makes me feel better about reading it!  i used to feel sort of guilty, but i do think they take a different approach.  they make fun of the clothes rather than the person wearing them in general...and when they do poke fun at celebrities its fairly light-hearted rather than the &quot;look at that fat bitch&quot; type of stuff you see on so many awful sites.</p>

The shopping info

Is what bugs me, I guess for the same reason that something like InStyle magazine bugs. It assumes that everyone wants to be like, look like, and shop like celebrities; for some reason, that seems even more distasteful when you're taking about celebrity kids. Also, I like a little schadenfreude where it's warranted -- yeah, no need to rip on how someone inoffensive like Jennifer Garner dresses her kids, but when Jennifer Lopez demands an entire maternity ward cleared because her uterus is more important than everyone else's, I'd like to see that given a smackdown.

Agree with Andi.

I agree, a lot of that shopping info is trendy stuff only celebs will buy as gifts because it is hot at the moment, or something they will buy and use a few times and then ditch. Some of the products are just not practical, like the 100% cotton baby outfits that shrink to nothing after two uses and washes. I wish they'd stop trying to help peddle Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell's wife baby bags, those things are way too expensive, not very sturdy and pretty unattractive.

I'm good with Target baby section stuff, are they not allowed to advertise places like that?


i'm guilty of buying things that i've seen on the kids there, like pedipeds, i've gotten some pairs of those and they're great and i got a discount.

i see target things sometimes, are you talking about the ads on the site or when they do like what the celebrity kid is wearing? because i have seen target things there.

agree about those literel bags!!

Friendly for the most part

For the most part CBB is a friendly site. There is one writer there who is pretty good at instigating arguments on her board which is kind of sad. Lately there have been a lot of catty women giving double sided compliments and then the author chimes in and gets the ball rolling farther.


yeah i know what your talking about, the site owner makes me uncomfortable sometimes, i didn't like her comments on the j lo and marc posts about breastfeeding and other things i've seen her right about, but oh well its not my site i guess. i do see the double sided compliments, there is alot of fighting lately but to be honest i like to debate so i havent been to bothered with it. i go there more for the pictures most days!!

why do we bother?

I am still addicted to celebrity news, but I don't let myself read it anymore. Standing in line at the supermarket check out and surreptitiously checking out the main headlines is the only shot in the arm I'm getting these days. I decided to stop because it just seemed pathetic to care so much about people I do not know.

It's nice that there's a celebrity news source that doesn't capitalize on our desire to feel better about people like Britney Spears, vindicated in our ability to notice the obvious: this girl is fucking crazy, and to muse on her popularity, expand it into an interesting thesis on celebrity, our society, and on and on it goes...I find it bizarre that lately the E! and Showbiz channels have been doing stories on the paparazzi itself, and how awful they are, how relentless they are...and how they paid one of those very relentless people to get all the crazy footage of those photographers hounding whatever unlucky celeb got tipped off on that night!!! Yikes.

Because really. Isn't it so lame? It seems like we're all guilty and feel stupid for caring so much about this stuff, but we all just keep doing it anyways because everyone else is doing it, and it's "fun." Babies are born all the time - it just keeps happening and happening, you know. So why do we support the ability of very certain people to sell pictures of there little grubs for millions of dollars? I think it's a bizarre impulse, it's gossipy and weird, even if we're supposedly cruising for shopping tips along the way.

Now if only I could stop being so excited to hear what Angelina Jolie is supposedly saying about Jennifer Aniston, or what her twins are going to look like. Here's hoping.

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