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Quoted in the New York Times about the hateful Skinny Bitch vegan "health" book phenom. Cheers to reporter Julia Moskin for including Debbie's critical viewpoint—that skinny and healthy are not the same, and vegan junk food is still junk, that these books stop short of the challenge to our industrialized food system that a more politicized vegan analysis would provide.

Because it's mainstream journalism, and in a lifestyle section to boot, it's not surprising that the article didn't care to examine the abusive, fat-hating, envy-promoting, body-obsession-under-the-guise-of-healthfulness foundation of the Skinny Bitch authors' work. But especially since their second book, Skinny Bitch in the Kitch, is now a bestseller, it's well worth noting that thier ignorant and shaming modus operandi is not genuinely about anyone's health or well being, it's just physical appearance—and as a result it ends up misogynist and hypocritical and just all wrong.

by Lisa Jervis
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