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I’m back in Portland, still processing and reflecting on my trip to the Midwest. I’ll be posting more about that soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this video about displacement/gentrification in Detroit, featuring Detroit-based female hip-hop artist, Invincible. It’s a beautiful example of how powerful a story becomes when different forms of media are combined.

In a couple weeks, I’ll be headed back to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference, an event that has always been refueling and inspirational for me because all sorts of folks committed to independent media creation/justice and grassroots organizing come out for it. If you can make it, please do! Not only is the conference itself an incredible experience, just spending time in a city with some of the most radical, effective community/social justice organizing going on is transformative.

Thanks to Samhita for the heads-up on the video.

by Debbie Rasmussen
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detroit down low/power to the people

i really appreciate the blog post and video upload. i thought the video did an amazing job showing how the city of detroit has been taken over and left in its own rubble and despair, taken up from under its feet, with no voices heard (or taken seriously) from within the community. This media collaboration gives those voices a chance to be heard, and done in a beautiful and real way-- from within the community and from the people that walk the streets. it's all true. i've been living in the same neighborhood where the home was bulldozed and the people were left to live in the garage with no preparation or chance to fight, no explanation, and no heat. this is happening in many neighborhoods and families and others are left ta freeze.there has been an overwhelming amount of new building that leaves scary traces of obvious neglect and discrimination against working class and poor people. most of the newer built residential homes and loft buildings (some being "restored" abandoned buildings) are either sitting unfinished or mostly unoccupied.this is something that was highly predictable to folks already living and surviving in the city.these places are built with shitty, unsound, and unsafe materials.they go for prices times higher than affordable.

media projects like this, especially projects that give voices to problems that are directly related to the poor and working class, and other marginalized communities and groups, need visibility, need voices to be heard.

thank you for helping the voices be heard.

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