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Done with your new issue of Consumed already? Bitch Radio’s fifth podcast, “Consumption Junction” is coming out on iTunes! Featuring interviews with Thao Nguyen and Kate Bingaman-Burt, music by Magic Johnson and the Gay Deceivers, and original aural essays you won’t find in the magazine, it’s Consumed companion you don’t want to miss! Visit or find Bitch Radio on iTunes to start your audio adventure. Plus when you subscribe to Bitch’s podcast you’re also in store for Popaganda episodes, extended interviews, and more!



Magic Johnson “La Casa”

: 45
An excerpt from Andi Zeisler’s interview with Kate Bingaman-Burt, author of the zine “What did you buy today?” You can read the full interview in ourConsumed issue! Features “Origins of Yr Opinion” by the Gay Deceivers.

Magic Johnson “Cocina Cochina”

Vox Populi: Magazine intern Ashley Brittner asks Bitch readers how the recession has affected their consumption habits

Gay Deceivers “Trans Atlantic Duet”

Bitch Media Development Director Jaymee Jacoby talks about becoming a member of the B-Hive, our sustainer program.

“Healthy Obsession” by Sarah Yahm, a superb audio piece on weight loss taken to the extreme. Check out Sarah’s other works including “Thinness and Salvation” here, or find her at Third Coast Festival.

Bitch Web Editor Kelsey Wallace interviews Thao Nguyen about her new album, working as a gal in the music industry, and her upcoming tour. Features the new single “Know Better Learn Faster”

Ask Your Cervix: Cervix goes to the doctor!

Gay Deceivers “Heart Vacancy”

Bitch Contributor and blogger Anna Clark reads her essay “Consuming Women,” following the trope of tuberculosis in literature.

Magic Johnson “Las Malas”

Bitchcast is produced by Julie Sabatier, the brains behind the awesome radio show Destination DIY.

Image from Racineur’s Flickr photo stream.

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