Critical Survey Reminder!


Our super duper survey is still up and needs your input!

Don't forget to fill it out! This survey, which will stay up until December 31st, is our way of gathering feedback and actively incorporating responses and direction from our supporters for the future of Bitch. By filling out this survey, you are participating in that process--now is your chance to be heard!

Tell us what you want and where to go. What do you expect when you read Bitch? How do want us to expand out from the magazine? Should we launch local chapters? Establish media camps? Land a bitch on the moon? As a small, independent media organization, we rely on the input of our constituents to shape our future and move forward, and we want to hear from everyone.

Your responses will help us set a vision and determine our priorities for the future of Bitch and B-Word. Please take a moment to fill out our survey and please forward far and wide!

artwork by Julianna Bright.

by Debbie Rasmussen
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I'd love to fill out the survey for you but get stopped at the 1st screen. I live in a small city pop. 21,000, which is very much NOT a suburb. Anything I write in the "other" section is rejected.

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