Dancing With The Stars in the Way of Control

If you tuned into Dancing With The Stars last night, you got a real (feminist?) treat – and I’m not talking about Donny Osmond’s Viennese Waltz. I’m talking about the cheesy cover of “Standing in the Way of Control” by feminist fave The Gossip!

Kind of weird, right? Though my first instinct was to roll my eyes with a here-we-go-again-with-the-commodification-of-all-things-feminist-and-holy ‘tude, now that I’ve had over 12 hours to think about it I kind of like this schmaltzy version of the song. Plus, it’s fun that a queer, feminist, fat-positive band like The Gossip is getting any exposure whatsoever on ABC prime time programming. I also think that Beth Ditto (the band’s lead singer and lover of flash and fashion) probably liked that her music inspired such impressive Paso Dobles and Sambas.

That being said, however, the fancy-pants dancers on DWTS can’t hold a candle to the original:

by Kelsey Wallace
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