Deal with it! The Breeders have a new EP!

Fate to Fatal, the four track vinyl, is limited edition, so get your listening on in while the listening’s good!

And what listening it is! Mark Lanegan (of Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age) sings on the second track, “The Last Time.” Lanegan’s signature gutter croon is followed with a slow, hand-picked Bob Marley cover “Chances Are,” making a very lullaby-like combo of songs. “Pinnacle Hollow” wraps up the EP with some quintessential lazy Breeders surfer riffs, cut with the sisters Deal beautifully drawling “Up and down the road I hang around.” It’s a short and simple release, but one that will goes great with slowly welcoming summer.

Even cooler is that the album was completely self-released: they contacted vinyl pressers themselves and screen-printed the cover. If you want proof, here’s Kim and Kelley hard at work–

Their video for the title track was (again) self-made and features the St. Louis Arch Rival Rollergirls. WARNING: this video contains new Breeders, sexy slo-mo lip syncing, and some gnarly keyboard smashing.

Seeing as their last full-length Mountain Battles took six years to come out (when you gotta tour with the Pixies, you gotta tour with the Pixies), it’s nice to see the Breeders aren’t slowing down any time soon!

Breeder’s Digest

by Kjerstin Johnson
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I just downloaded this. I love it. I love Kim Deal. Yay!

I didn't think it was

I didn't think it was possible to love the Breeders more than I already do. Thanks for sharing the screen printing video, Kjerstin!

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