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We’re two days away from 2009, and we need your support to help us reach our year-end goal of 500 new sustainers! If you haven’t joined yet, would you please do so? It’s quick and easy. Just $5 a month helps sustain independent feminist media—media that caters to you, our readers, not to advertisers.

Or go here to make a one-time donation.

Our hugest thanks to everyone who’s signed up so far. As of today, we have 448 bees in the B-Hive. We’re thrilled and grateful that so many of you recognize the importance of building a healthier, stronger Bitch.

As a token of our thanks, we’ve created a special “behind the scenes” B-Hive video

We realize that many worthy nonprofit organizations are asking for your financial support right now, and we hope Bitch is among those you choose to support. We need your help to continue moving the politics of feminism, of social/economic justice to the center of our cultural dialogue.

On behalf of the staff and board, thank you for your continued support! We’re excited to be entering a new year, excited about the change we can make together!

by Debbie Rasmussen
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oh, cute

That vid was cute. Go B-hive!

Bee Hive vs NZ Gov

Hi there thought the bee hive was very cleaver, just wondering if it means to draw a comparison to the NZ governing body "Bee Hive" with helen Clark?
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