Did media literacy just get a whole lot cooler?

The IFC Media Project, which premiered last night on the cable channel of the same name, calls itself “a user’s guide to how the news gets made.” It focuses on the news stories that slip through the cracks due to corporate ownership, sensationalized tragedy stories, and self-serving analysis. Check out the video!

Although I have not had the chance to see the show myself, this New York Times article makes it sound really interesting and fun. Each episode includes an editorial cartoon, and the show encourages public debate about all things media. And we can only imagine that sometime soon the show will tackle some tough feminist issues (right, IFC?).

Some upcoming episodes are called, “The Frontlines of Journalism”, “Dumbing it Down”, and “Unreliable Sources”. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get out my computer and watch this stuff! After all, the marriage between Gideon Yago and media criticism is one that previously existed only in my nerdy dreams (and I know there is a way we can make it a threesome. What do you say, Gideon? Call me!).

So what do you think? Did anyone watch the show? How was it? And what do you think about a media outlet like IFC using their resources to promote media literacy? Is this a good thing, because it makes media literacy information more accessible and cooler-seeming? Or should media literacy be kept out of the hands of corporate media at all costs?

Thanks to Annalee for the heads up about this new show. And for sharing my Yago crush.

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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Kelsey Wallace is the bomb.

Kelsey, you are a born blogger.

Way to go Bitch this is exactly what I need from you

Thank you, thank you, thank you! bitch magazine for posting this blog. This is EXACTLY the kind of things that I count on you to learn about. I never would have heard of this show otherwise. I took your survey the other day, and I'm almost certain that my response will be an "outlier" that is discarded. I said that I am not an activist and while I certainly don't dislike hearing about activist activites because I AM a feminist and probably wouldn't learn about these issues otherwise, but that it is media issues that I am most interested in hearing about when I pick up an issue of bitch. Here, not a week later and you have delivered big time. Again, thank you.

Any media literacy is better than what we've currently got

I think ANY topical media literacy is good. I went to a wedding this past September and I was asked by another woman my age if I wanted to be "rescued" from the conversation I was having with "the boys" about health care, because you know, who in their right mind would want to talk about that? I haven't gotten to watch the show yet, but as long as it reminds viewers every show who their parent corporation is, etc., then there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing these issues with viewers with at least the superficial intentions of teaching them how to view media with a discerning eye/ ear because if they aren't already aware of this issue they certainly aren't going to be clued in anywhere else.

This is eactly the kind of stuff that I want Bitch to tell me about because I don't think I would have heard about it anywhere else. I just tried to post a different comment about it, but it didn't post for some reason.

I am particularly interested in the "Dumbing it Down" episode. I recently took a media training course where they essentially told me not to bother actually answering reporters' questions because they are only interested in soundbites and nothing substantial would make it through anyway. They told me to instead use the time to talk about whatever I want to discuss instead. Hmmmm....

Is there anywhere to get the

Is there anywhere to get the full episodes? I really wanna see the whole thing.


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