Docs to Watch: The Fat Body (In)Visible

Via What Tami Said, The Fat Body (In)Visible is a neat, new, 25-minute independent documentary about fat acceptance and fashion featuring Keena Bowden and Jessica Jarchow. Keena and Jessica share their experiences of people judging their mere existence just because they’re fat, becoming empowered through fashion, the intersection of race and fatness, and finding community. Oh yeah, and there are tons of cute outfits!

The film puts into action what Jessica and Keena are talking about—the opening and closing of the film features still frames from the awesome Adipositity Project, which promotes size acceptance through gorgeous photographs of fat physicality (and is mentioned in the film). That means those parts of the movie are Not Safe For Work.

the fat body (in)visible from Margitte Kristjansson on Vimeo.

Transcription available! (.doc) (Thanks Katie).

The Fat Body Invisible on Vimeo
The Fat Body Invisble [What Tami Said]

by Kjerstin Johnson
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"Maybe if I changed my body..."

This was a really powerful moment for me, where Keena wonders if she could avoid the stares, the judgement, the scorn from others if she just changed her body to meet their expectations. But the thing is - no matter how much weight you lose, no matter how small you get, it never stops.

I wanted to come out of the

I wanted to come out of the woodwork and say a resounding THANK YOU to the ladies who made this video. You are wonderful.

This was beautiful

This was a beautiful piece... I am not a fat body so I never get the perspective of one and it saddens me that these women have to endure such hate and negativity simply for existing. I applaud their courage and the work they are doing for the fat community, they are truly beautiful. Also, I LOVE their fashion!

Thank you for posting this

Thank you for posting this documentary. Hearing real women speak so openly and honestly about their bodies is truly inspiring.


Such a lovely video. I'm glad I got to see it. I was really interested in the idea of the (in)visibility of fat women in various social settings, and the desire to be more or less visible. The two women featured were so pretty, and talk about great fashion sense! The photography is beautiful, too.

Loved it! One question, though...

1st impression: I loved this little video. As a fellow fat person, I didn't really glean any new information, but it is so wonderful to be validated. I was nodding along the whole time-- "I've felt that pain... fear... confidence... joy." I especially enjoyed Ms. Jones photography. I'm a self-procaimed prude, but those pictures were just what I needed to see! I'll leave the internet today with a renewed sense of beauty in other fat girls as well as within myself.
My one question.... Is Keena also a fat activist? This was the first credential listed forJessica (along with age). It surprised me that Keena was introduced differently. If they are both fat activists, why weren't they introduced with the same language? If I misunderstood, forgive me, I've just been reading the blogs on Women of Color, and my mind is wrapped around that idea at the moment.

Keena's titles

Hi there! You are very astute, indeed. When editing the film, I chose not to put "fat activist" in Keena's title because, at least when we originally started filming, she did not identify as such. She is definitely a fat woman who loves her fat body and loves the fat acceptance movement, but she did not (at least at the time of taping) identify as a fat activist.


Margitte, Thanks for clearing that up for me! You dida great job editing the video!

ordering the video?

Is it possible to order this video? I'd love to show it to women in body image groups.


the intersection of race and fatness, and finding community. Oh yeah, and there are tons of cute outfits!

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