Don't Drop the Birth Control Ball This Year

Oh the things that make up New Year’s Eve: chintzy eye-glasses, countless top ten lists, nosiemakers…emergency contraception? According to the National Institute for Reproductive Health, sales for emergency contraception more than double in the first days after the New Year. The Back Up Your Birth Control Campaign has made a short vid reminding you that if things don’t go as planned–as they often don’t–you have options. And it’s a cute vid (love you, Grandma!) that really works year-round.

So if you don’t want a New Year’s baby of your own, don’t drop the ball! Plan ahead and tell your friends to too!

by Kjerstin Johnson
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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

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That is adorable. I love the OhmGa, OhmGa, OhmGa. And also...Is that something sexual? Tee Hee!

Birth Control

You know I think the atmosphere of this blog is cheapened when commercial ads are placed as comments when this could be a forum of real discussion. I happen to be very concerned for all the women lacking in access to suitable birth control, and good, quality health care in general in my country and all of the world. There are many women who are suffering because of the after-affects of colonialism and now I would argue, capitalism. We are all affecting one another in profound ways especially when in charge of a magazine attempting to disseminate what I think to be very educational and informative magazines. But I also believe that the bitch media can do better than let these ads cheapen their "blog" environment. Is this discussion or ad space? I think women, especially in third world countries, and even in some parts of North America need much better access to affordable means of the quality birth control that they need. The youth especially need to be educated and informed, proper birth control starts with information, no matter what are children do to tell them the truth will give them the power to know how to better navigate and explain to them how to make informed decisions for themselves.

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