Don't let another one close down!

In the lovely city of Milwaukee lies an amazing feminist bookstore called Broad Vocabulary. I had the pleasure of visiting the store this summer, on a fundraising trip for Bitch. It was truly one of my highlights: I love bookstores, I love feminist bookstores, and I especially love feminist radical bookstores like Broad Vocabulary. 

I guess I can't say I was too surprised when I heard the news yesterday that they might be closing -- feminist bookstores (and independent bookstores more generally) are closing left and right these days, the most recent one being Word Is Out in Colorado. 

Upon further research, I discovered that a newly-formed cooperative -- A Broader Vocabulary -- has been formed and is working hard to keep the doors open -- they're looking for donations and people to get involved.  

If you live in Milwaukee, please attend their fundraiser this Sunday and get involved in efforts to keep the doors open. Everyone else, please spread the word! 


This Sunday, November 30, from 11 am to 5 pm

Broad Vocabulary, 2241 S. Kinnickinnic

All day: Fantastic arts and crafts by local feminists on sale!  Join our Femiknits Knit-a-thon! Other events still being scheduled!

5:00-10:00 pm -- The party moves to the back room of the Sugar Maple (441 E Lincoln), to include an open mic "adult story time" and special guest Laura from The Tool Shed (Milwaukee's feminist sex toy shop).

Bring: yourself, your friends, your favorite adult or feminist story to share, your hard earned pennies. your check book!

Cost: All events are free of cost, but we need your investment in order to purchase the store! Come prepared to be generous and festive.

For more information, email abroadervocabulary(at)

Mail donations to: A Broader Vocabulary, PO Box 070612  Milwaukee, WI 53207


by Debbie Rasmussen
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Feminist Book Stores

I think women's bookstores have to tighten their belts like all of us, in this economy. I have seen so many close (New Earth Books in Kansas City, many years back) but the people who ran those stores moved on to new opportunities. We need places to hang out with each other. I have seen women's music move back into churches and home concerts which is where it started. I remember when Tracy Chapman was riding the bus all over the USA so she could play and sing her music. Feminist Bookstores can go online like other bookstores and be more powerful and carry more products because they don't have the overhead. If we want to hang out with each other then we should be opening coffee houses and tea houses and places to explore poetry, books and discourse in another venue! Thanks for Bitch Magazine! I think it is wonderful. I think I will subscribe!

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