Douchebag Decree: Amazon Sells ANOTHER Rape Simulation Video Game


Earlier this week I thought I was suffering from douchebag deja vu when I read that was selling yet ANOTHER rape simulation video game, this time called "Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love." As you can perhaps guess, Stockholm explores

"...a terrifyingly vivid exploration of Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological condition in which a captive falls in love with her kidnapper. And you play the part of the kidnapper. With a limited number of options, you must figure out how to make her fall in love with you."

These "limited" options include using poison gas, and sexually and psychologically abusing the kidnapped woman. Yikes! While the Stockholm Syndrome narrative might be old news to the romance novel world (as explored by researchers like Janice Radway, a personal favorite of mine), its introduction into the realm of video games is pretty novel*, to me anyway. It appears as if Amazon has pulled this game from its website, but this repeat offense definitely deserves this week's Douchebag Decree.

*No pun intended.


by Annalee Schafranek
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ICK. I looked it up on

ICK. I looked it up on Amazon and I can't find it. It is interesting how quickly Amazon removes items after negative feedback. Unfortunate that it ends up there in the first place though. Just plain ick.

Is it Ick? Or Ich? Or Itch?

Is it Ick? Or Ich? Or Itch? Or Icky? Or Yuck? Who says Ick?

I say ick too. And it is

I say ick too. And it is icky. And upsetting.

It is really interesting. I

It is really interesting. I emailed them as soon as I read about this on (awesome site, btw). They responded saying that the item was no longer being sold. It was a really snippy automated email though; I really don't appreciate how they have handled the last three scandals (the other game and the censoring of the LGBTQ books). They always make it out like it is the consumer's fault for getting upset about their content.

In oranges and in women, courage is often mistaken for insanity.


What a completely appalling, morally reprehensible concept...who the hell thought this game would be a good idea?


I'm appalled that Bitch would be in support of the censorship of this game. Writing an article that discusses the effect such a game might have is important, as is an argument on the ethics of the matter. That's what I think Bitch should be all about. Calling Amazon a "Douchebag" for supplying it, and then applauding the fact that it was taken off the shelves is another thing entirely. However harmful to the mass mindset this type of media may be, people should be able to access it if the so choose.Censorship is the greatest danger here and my loyalty to Bitch is a bit shaken. That said, aside from this article, I love what you guys do! Remember, freedom of speech doesn't only count when you agree with what's being said. I hope not to disappointed like this in the future.

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