Douchebag Decree: Don't Let Chick-fil-A Distract You From the Douchiness that is the Latest Hooters Campaign

The Internet is abuzz with news of one douche-y fried chicken restaurant this week, but make no mistake: There’s always room for one more.

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Here in Portland we’ve never even seen a Chick-fil-A, but we’re all too familiar with the breastaurant that is Hooters. Known for its scantily clad waitresses, its “delightfully tacky yet unrefined” slogan, and its bros-before-hos atmosphere (oh and, sure, its “chicken wings”), the chain is currently in the process of rebranding to “appeal to a broader, younger audience that includes women.” Judging by the ad spots Hooters released this week, they’ve got a ways to go before they hit that goal.

Exhibit A: A lifeguard is so disgusted by the older ladies exercising in the pool that he has to work through his trauma with a cheeseburger, fries, two salads, a plate of wings, a pitcher and a half of beer, and two Hooters employees.

Old ladies are gross. Let’s go look at boobs and eat a burger.

The new campaign features two owl puppets—a devil and an angel—meant to represent the internal conflict many customers face when eating fried food at what is basically the world’s least gratifying strip club. On the one hand, you consider yourself a nice person, but on the other hand, you want to objectify women while you eat lunch! What to do???

a white guy at a hooters sitting between two waitresses
You eat at Hooters, duh. Also seriously, how is one guy supposed to eat all that food?

Apparently, this rebrand—created by Fitzgerald & Co.—is meant to not only appeal to a younger audience but also to highlight the food at Hooters over the, well, hooters. That’s what they say, sure, but so far that is not what these ads actually do.

Exhibit B: The devil and angel owls make a “that’s what she said” joke and then argue over whether or not the waitress wants to bang one of them. No one mentions food, though apparently these two felt puppets have downed an entire pitcher of beer already.

I know I’m overthinking this, but why would an owl order a plate of wings?!?

Hooters has also updated its slogan, from, “Delightfully tacky yet unrefined” to, “Feed the dream.” Now I’ve never been a Hooters supporter, but at least the old slogan was honest and somewhat clever. Going to a chain restaurant best known for young hotties in orange hot pants and tight tank tops is tacky, and most customers realized that. With the updated copy though, Hooters is trying to convince a younger audience that there’s nothing distasteful about its schtick. According to the campaign, eating at Hooters—which means stuffing your face with greasy junk food while ogling women whose job it is to serve you—is not just a dream come true, it is the dream come true.

While this might seem like just another bogus ad slogan, targeting young people with a message that normalizes, nay, glamorizes the objectification of women is more than just gross—it contributes to rape culture in a big way. When we’re telling teen boys (and girls!) that it’s their awesome, dreamy right to have women display their breasts for them and serve them food at Hooters, it’s not too big of a leap to thinking it’s their awesome, dreamy right to have women display their breasts for them in non-Hooters locations. Does this mean all teens who see these ads will become rapists? No, of course not. But it does make the objectification of women that much more a part of their daily lives. At least with the “tacky” slogan Hooters was telling it like is—we objectify women and we know it’s gross—instead of glorifying it.

While Chick-fil-A dominates the corner of the media reserved for homophobic, sexist, assholish chicken restaurants this week, let us not forget Hooters. With its new campaign and its old business model, this chain is doubling down on the douchebaggery in a big way.

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In case you were wondering: Here’s why we use the term “douchebag” on the Bitch blogs.

by Kelsey Wallace
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My mom and I just saw the

My mom and I just saw the Hooters commercial last night (the one where the lifeguard is creepily staring at the elderly woman's behind)! We were both completely disgusted by it!!!

This is so weird. What is

This is so weird. What is the lifeguard doing in that commercial with the waitresses? I have no idea what he's doing with his hands! Is he really just pointing out their breasts? I also like that you pointed out that this culture of objectification affects also how females look at females--this is true for females attracted to females, and for straight females. I feel that when women judge other women based on shallow things, this can be an example of how they are seeing women as objects. Also, I think it plays a role in our low self-esteem and how we objectify ourselves and then punish ourselves for not living up to some standard of external beauty.

And how is that supposed to

And how is that supposed to be more appealing to women? When I first read male life guard I thought they were going to have sexy men in speedos as servers.

I remember in college, many of the guys I knew would go to Hooters. And the way that they would talk about the waitresses was just appauling. And these were other wise "nice" guys. And what I mean by that is that if you took away Hooters you'd never know that they would talk about others in that way.

and to think, some call this a family restaurant!

I will never for the life of me understand how some people believe that Hooters is a family restaurant. My husband is one of those people, *rolls eyes* and insists that it's a family restaurant. I'm like "UM what the fuck are you talking about? Waitresses flirting in hotpants and tight tank tops to get bigger tips is family-oriented??" And it's called Hooters because the waitresses have big tits.

Why oh why must they use

Why oh why must they use owls?! I love owls so much, and this just makes me so sad. All the owls of this world are ashamed of this and wish to have no affiliation with this monstrosity.

Because they're "hooters."

Because they're "hooters." Clever! /sarcasm

Symptom, not cause

Hooters is a symptom of the problem and not a cause in and of itself. There is nothing wrong with tits and chicken wings. Anything that is inferred from males (and females) enjoying such an establishment reflects upon the person looking in. You can have a healthy respect for women and enjoy places like Hooters, they don't have to be polar opposites. I know I'm cherry picking a little with my points here but I'm not trying to say this whole article is wrong, just some parts are skewed.

These commercials were

These commercials were awesome and hilarious. Definitely going to go to Hooters tomorrow! You guys can keep on being bitchy towards the company of course. I however, will choose to have fun and enjoy life!

I would like to nominate a company

Hey Bitch, I would like to nominate a company called V-Kung Fu for the next douchebag decree. If you listen to the whole narration numerous times they talk about vaginas as if they were a cut of meat calling them succulent and juicy, also saying constantly that the way your vagina is now isn't good enough and it needs to be "transformed" and improved from how it is naturally and that if you buy their special coaching which is obviously a lot of money but they won't say how much but they say in the narration that broke people are prohibited from joining and need to get their "situation" straightened out before they can even think of joining. I find it deeply insulting someone trying to sell me a better vagina. The site is also unprofessional looking especially since they are charging a lot of money. They also say numerous times that your mans eyes will never stray again as if it is a cure for cheating. There is just so much wrong with this and I hope you check it out and see exactly why this needs a douchebag decree.

opps didnt mean to double

opps didnt mean to double post sry

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