Douchebag Decree: Clint McCance


It’s Dia de los Douches here at Bitch HQ, and Clint McCance, anti-gay bigot and former school board member in Arkansas, is our Master of Ceremonies this afternoon. McCance posted the following on his facebook page in response to Spirit Day at the end of October (TRIGGER warning- warped thinking AND warped grammar):

Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers killed themselves. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I cant believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid…[B]eing a fag doesn’t give you the right to ruin the rest of our lives. If you get easily offended by being called a fag then dont tell anyone you are a fag. Keep that shit to yourself. I dont care how people decide to live their lives. They dont bother me if they keep it to thereselves. It pisses me off though that we make a special purple fag day for them. I like that fags cant procreate. I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other aids and die.

Clint, I also cannot believe that the people of this world (i.e. YOU and your homophobic ilk) have gotten this stupid.

In the responses on McCance’s facebook page, a commenter mentioned that Christianity might not actually encourage hate speech, and that Clint should think of his own kids instead of condemning others. Clinty-poo fired back:

I would disown my kids they were gay. They will not be welcome at my home or in my vicinity. I will absolutely run them off. Of course my kids will know better. My kids will have solid christian beliefs. See it infects everyone.

McCance was responding to the cluster of LGBTQ suicides that occurred this fall.

Before we all throw our computers out the window, though, let’s get to some of the tasty reprecussions McCance is facing. First, the Midland School Board in Arkansas wasted no time in coming out (pun intended) against the statements. And, in the BEST NEWS OF ALL, McCance announced that he would resign from his job while getting schooled (ha!) on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show. This, after a Facebook page was started calling for McCance to lose his job. Some prize moments from the CNN interview:

AC: What do you feel like you’re apologizing for, exactly?

CM: It was over the top, Anderson. I just went too far with it. I don’t really believe anyone should commit suicide […]

AC: I wanna ask you just some of the specifics. I mean, you use those words, like fag and queer. Are those words you use a lot, and do you you think it’s acceptable to use those words? Or do you understand why those words might hurt a gay kid in your school district? […]

CM: sure, I completely agree with that. I know they’re hurtful words. I uh, I picked the wrong words to use… I didn’t bring honor to what I was about.

AC: Do you have any idea the pain and fear you’ve caused, maybe to kids in your own school district? […]

CM: You know, Anderson, that’s a “what if.” I don’t know.

AC: Because you did say that you like it when gay people get AIDS and die.

CM: You know, that was, Anderson, once again, that was in response to some comments that were made. I made, uh, I used the wrong words.

So Clint was a broken record, (one which, you may have noticed, didn’t actually apologize for his statements; only that he “used the wrong words” to express a view he clearly stil holds.) and Anderson put him on the hook and kept him there until he announced he would resign. It’s hard to watch the interview because McCance is so clearly incompetent, and SO CLEARLY NOT REALLY SORRY, but I highly recommend watching it to remind yourself that there are journalists out there doing their jobs.

Of course, the It Gets Better and the Make It Better projects are also going strong in support of LGBTQ youth who are the victims of bullying and suicidal thoughts.

Seriously, Clint McCance. Get a life, learn to spell, stay away from our education system, and beware the wrath of George Takei.


by Katie Presley
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Katie Presley is a writer and editor currently based on the East Coast (help, how did this happen??). She's been with Bitch in one form or another since 2010, when she started as a New Media Intern, and most recently served as Bitch's first and only Music Editor, from 2016-2017. Past resume lines include Assistant Producer for All Songs Considered at NPR Music, panelist on Pop Culture Happy Hour, and bylines at NPR and Ms. Katie is also a doula and herbalist, and writes a blog on herbal medicine, "The Herbal Apprentice." She also co-founded the first full-spectrum doula organization in Texas, The Bridge Collective. She is also a late-comer to being a Dog Person, but currently lives with four cats. 

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Go George Takei!

Wow, that's horrifying. I'm glad to hear that this douchebag, his homophobia, and his horrible spelling and grammar are removed from the education system, and that he's at least getting some of the comeuppance he deserves. I mean, having George Takei calling you a douchebag, in my opinion, pretty much ends you.

*I* enjoy that Clint loses his job.

Wow, that Takei video is amazing. I've been watching this saga unfold in a disgusted state of fascination and am delighted by the repercussions of McCance's words. Finally, people are taking anti-gay bullying seriously; it's just sad that it took a rush of media attention on the long-existing teen suicide problem to make it happen. It's been a good homophobe-crushing year for Anderson Cooper, too, between McCance and Shirvell.

Go George!

Of course, with those melodious tones he had me at word one but... I laughed and applauded so much I scared my cat. His intelligence, integrity and good humour in the face of these atrocities is a (dare I say it?) inspiration. Keep these amazing videos coming and call out the douche bags. Hooray for Takei *and* Bitch!

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