Douchebag Decree: Forever 21 Hates Your Knees

"ye olde douchebag decree" in blue letters with a light blue hand-drawn douchebag in the background, and "BITCH HEREBY DECLARES THE FOLLOWING PERSON A TOTAL DOUCHEBAG" in small letters in red underneath.

Not content to just Photoshop its models to look thinner and younger, megaretailer Forever 21 is now airbrushing out their kneecaps. Kneecaps! Sooo gross right?

screen shot of Forever 21 page showing a model without kneecaps
Ironically, this is called a “Bodycon Skirt.”

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why this is so douchebaggy. As if women didn’t have enough to feel self-conscious about when it comes to our bodies (stomach, hips, boobs, butt, arms, legs, chin, nose, anything covered in skin, etc.) now we’re supposed to feel weird about our kneecaps? And not just how they look, but the very fact that we possess them in the first place?! Is Forever 21 passing memos around the office that say things like, “Out this season: Floral prints, leggings, KNEECAPS”?

We had plenty of reasons not to shop at Forever 21 already—their not-so-hidden religious agenda, their use of child labor, their absurdly small sizing—and now they’re anti-kneecap too!

Is this just the result of a lot of bad digital retouching, or are kneecaps the next frontier in the quest to make women feel bad about everything?

Thanks Erica Schreiner for the tip!

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by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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Stupid cunts

Kneecaps are for fat, ugly girls. Duh!!!!111111

lol but seriously, wow. Do fashion companies have a mission to make women hate every single part of their bodies?

The photo makes me wonder if

The photo makes me wonder if I'm looking at a frontal or rear view; then after several moments of careful inspection, I assume they're alien legs because those things can't possibly belong to a human. How much more ridiculous are advertisers/companies going to get when it comes to depictions of women's bodies?

This is disgusting. But, I'm

This is disgusting. But, I'm not entirely sure how "their not-so-hidden religious agenda" is a reason not to shop at the store. From what the article you linked to said all they're doing is producing shirts with religious phrases on them and they have a verse number on the bottom of their bags. They are not pressuring anybody to purchase the shirts nor are their employees are not required to mention the religious affiliations of the company with patrons. If the founders of the company choose to offer products with religious iconography, words, etc. that is their choice. Just as it is the patrons choice whether or not they choose to shop at Forever 21 or purchase the clothing that makes references to religion of any sort. I think that it is far more important to be focusing on the issues surrounding their representation of unrealistic beauty "ideals" and their use of child labor. Those are things that I believe most people would agree are the real issue.

Totally agree. As an atheist

Totally agree. As an atheist who gets annoyed at overly preachy people, I can't see what the issue is about the religious shirts. F21 is not the government. They're not spending my tax dollars on the tees, or requiring me to shop there, or forcing me to wear the shirts, or even being particularly annoying about it. I'm not Christian - I won't buy them. If I'm really annoyed, I'll avoid the store.
But this body-distortion thing is annoying and makes me less thrilled, similar to their tendency to steal ideas from underpaid Etsy designers, and certainly child labor. Those are real problems.

I'm don't think there is

I'm don't think there is anything wrong with the tee shirts. If I didn't know anything else about the company, I would assume that they just saw a market for religious themed shirts, and that's it. I don't really even have a problem with the bible verses. I do have a problem with an organization that goes out of its way to brand itself as religious using child labor.

Well said! Religious phrases

Well said! Religious phrases + child labor + distorting women's bodies = me shopping elsewhere!

i agree

this is so true! it seems to me that someone who is pressuring people not to shop somewhere because of its religious point of view is worse then some harmless mention of versus that customers can choose to buy or not buy.

The "no kneecap" look makes

The "no kneecap" look makes her legs look backwards from skirt to shin. It is a really disturbing effect.

As a fat, ugly girl, I hate

As a fat, ugly girl, I hate to tell you that Forever 21 has a plus size line of clothes. So they do sell to fat, ugly girls. And some of the sweatshoppy clothes are really fucking cute, so this sucks. There aren't many places for a fat, ugly girl to shop.

That's definitely a big

That's definitely a big retouching flunk. I highly, highly doubt that Forever 21 thinks that women shouldn't have knees and that that looks good or natural. Looks to me like someone forgot to mask out the knees when they were cleaning up the skin in Photoshop. Photo departments in companies like this have to crank out hundreds and hundreds of images a day, it's somewhat easy to overlook things like that when you're pressed for time, especially if they've got inexperienced, lower paid retouchers, which I'm guessing they might.

Weird photoshop

I've seen this before--look through a typical women's magazine at the ads about TV shows. The forearms and biceps have been made weirdly un-contoured (you shouldn't have biceps, after all), and the knees are too smooth. Retouching gone REALLY BAD (and oddly non-human).


This looks oh so very creepy. I think Forever 21 is trying to shame only the *front* of our kneecaps, because, as you can see, side knees are totally in style. Gross and bizarre.


Does anyone else find it almost stranger that they have the model's measurements under the picture? Like, oh, if you happen to be 5'10" and have a 23 inch waist also, you'll want to get this skirt in a small. Thanks, Forever 21, I'll keep that in mind. I'll also keep in mind that this skirt will never fit me like it fits the model because I am 5'10" but don't wear a size small and also I have kneecaps.

I must say that I actually

I must say that I actually find these measurments helpful while shopping in Online stores because every company choses different measurments for their sizes and This helps figuring out what size to order. . .

maybe we should start the

maybe we should start the feminist critique by re-examining the use of "bitch" in the title of a women's media company? Come on, ladies, let's do better then that :)

totally agree on the issue over the lack of knee caps...however, it does not surprise me that this is what modeling has come down to


You obviously don't understand the reason for using the word "Bitch" in the first place.. Go read the 'about' page. Then you might get it


Weird! Are you sure that's a photo, and not one of the creepy near-real digital cartoons? It looks more like the latter. Lack of kneecaps makes it looks like her legs are on backwards.

even Barbie has knee caps.

even Barbie has knee caps.


Kneecaps are f***ing awesome, why would anyone remove them so that this lady can look like a lifeless plastic barbie doll? Is that what women are supposed to aspire to look like? News Flash to the media, women need Kneecaps! and how the hell is that supposed to be beautiful? What truth is there in this image, therefore is truth unattractive? I guess it is not so, since this ad had to lie about how women are built, without kneecaps. This is sad.

My favorite Barbie doll (yes,

My favorite Barbie doll (yes, I had more than one... ) had kneecaps - i could bend her knees... it was a little disturbing actually - they went forward a few notches too... hrm. Anyway, that is just freaky.

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