Douchebag Decree: George Rekers, Gay Gay-Hater


File it under “No Longer Surprising,” but yet another anti-gay douchebag has turned out to be… wait for it… GAY!!! Baptist Minister George Rekers was caught out not only entertaining a male escort, but entertaining him on a ten-day trip to Europe! Oh, and the kicker? Though Rekers claims the man was just there to help him “lift his luggage” (yeah, that sounds sexual to me too) he hired his “luggage lifter” from the male escort service! Yeah, I’m not buying that he thought it was a site for the hiring of “luggage lifters.”

It’s OK! I’m not gay, I just don’t like carrying my own bags.”

For some more background on this sordid tale, check out this Alpha Dog segment from The Colbert Report

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So yeah, this douche is a co-founder of The Family Research Council (an anti-gay org) who has alleged that gay couples are more likely to commit suicide. I think it’s fair that from now on we just assume that anyone who makes outrageous claims about gay couples is a closeted gay person him/herself. That will save everyone a lot of embarrassment (by “everyone” I mean “the gay gay-haters”).

But this story gets waaay wackier. I don’t even know where to begin! How ‘bout a quick timeline (I’m trying to get these in the right order, but the important thing is THEY ALL HAPPENED/ARE HAPPENING):

• George Rekers is seen at the Miami Airport with a male escort.

• George Rekers claims the man was hired to help him “lift his luggage.”

• Pics from the airport show Rekers lifting his own luggage.

• The escort himself comes forward and says Rekers is indeed a homosexual who knew he was a prostitute and “paid him to provide body rubs once a day in the nude, during their ten-day vacation in Europe.” (Ewww…)

• George Rekers claims he was, in fact, simply ministering to the gay prostitute, one-on-one. You know, like Jesus would have (except with nude body rubs).

• George Rekers hosts a blog where he talks to teens about sex!

The list of douchebaggy behavior goes on and on here, folks. For up-to-the-minute coverage, I recommend visiting SLOG. Dan Savage is all over this bizness.

Honestly though, George Rekers (and I know you’re reading this), couldn’t you have just come out of the closet earlier and saved everyone a lot of bullshit? Staying a closeted bigot who attempted to “convert” and oppress gay folks for so many years brought you nothing humiliation and a reputation as a big fucking hypocrite. Oh, and a big, shiny Douchebag Decree. (Maybe you can add it to your profile?)

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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anti-gay gay douchebag

Perhaps he is a douchebag, but we also need to look at the society that shapes a gay man into a gay-man hating , self-loathing type of individual. It is the same society that oppresses people of color and causes a black man to join the tea party and dance around mocking his own race. It is a society that teaches girls they can't do math and science and theory, and teaches boys they are not allowed to feel, let alone express, their emotions. It is a pathological society, and it turns out people with a whole lot of pathologies!!!

Closet Case

I agree that we need to focus on a society that doesn't always make it easy for those in the closet to come out, but I think its a multi-layered thing. The existence of organizations such as Exodus International are proof of how hard it is to come out in America, especially for people in a religious community. I think that it's important to call out the hypocrites, especially those who think that they can pray away the gay, because it makes life a lot harder for closeted people who see this. However, there does need to be some level of compassion. The fact remains that people are attacked everyday because of their sexuality. The fact remains that "civil unions" in all their separate but equal bs are in only a few states, marriage in even less and in 38 states people can be fired just because of their sexuality and gender identification. With all the stigmas that the government enforces, no wonder people follow in bigotry and no wonder people stay in the closet and lash out to "prove" that they aren't gay. So expose, but don't attack the hypocrites attack the laws and injustices that the queer community deals with everyday. Do something small, like ask about partners instead of husbands and wives, or point out to the bigot on the corner that maybe not all gay men wear pink and shay shay and not all lesbians wear flannel and act like men.

i'm trying...

Agreed. My partner and I recently discussed using "partner" instead of boyfriend/girlfriend. As I started using it more in practice I noticed that in my writing (i'm a historian/museum educator) I often used husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend and have been trying to change that as well for the public.

On a related note - I was hanging out with my niece yesterday watching the movie "Space Bunnies". My niece (who is four) was showing me the cover of the DVD which has pictures of puppies in space outfits when she announced "these are girl puppies because they have a bow in their hair and wear pink". I thought this was the perfect time to discuss with her that boys can wear pink and bows too. She fought me on this but I thought maybe a little positive influence on her on a weekly basis would help in the long run. (her parents are tea-party supporters so i fear i may loose this battle overall but i'll still try!)

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