Douchebag Decree: Mel Gibson

From his anti-Semitic attacks during his 2006 DUI arrest, his homophobic and sexist remarks in interviews, to his racist films, Mel Gibson has long deserved the honor of the Douchebag Decree. The latest allegations against Mel Gibson, though, just might push this super-douche into the hall of shame.

Last week, reported on audio they had obtained exclusively of fights and voicemails between Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. The audio was laced with racist and sexist epithets, threats of rape and assault and justification for a previous violent attack.'s source noted that Girgorieva recorded Gibson "to show Mel how mean he was, and because she feared for her life" and "She wanted to get evidence that he was dangerous and violent." This time, his latest in his seemingly never-ending trail of douchery has landed him a police investigation into his "alleged" domestic violence.

Mel Gibson, oh Mel Gibson. Sir Douches-A-Lot is on the fast track, I sure do hope, to becoming the celebrity version of Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps. Gibson, like Phelps, gives people from vastly different walks of life a million reasons to hate him. The laundry list of Mel Gibson's wrath? Women, Mexicans, Mayans, Jews, African-Americans, immigrants, feminists, democrats, Bush republicans, Iraq War-supporters, gay people.. Oh boy, does the list go on.

Despite his track record of domestic violence and bigotry, though, Hollywood will likely not turn its back on the King of All Douches. After his 2006 DUI arrest, Mel Gibson was able to build his career back-up despite calls for boycotts from industry professionals. The Daily Beast reporter Nicole LaPorte makes a convincing case that because Gibson is a strong enough force in Hollywood, it ultimately doesn't matter that he is the douchiest douche of all douches:

Gibson's immunity lies in the fact that he's not just an actor. Worth nearly $1 billion, Gibson is a veritable and very self-sufficient entertainment empire, who has reached the point where he doesn't need the entertainment industry machine to survive. Through his company, Icon Productions, he not only writes, directs, and stars in films, he produces and finances them, which is how controversial projects such as Apocalypto and The Passion of the Christ got made. In 2008, he went a step further and bought a theater chain in Australia, so now he can distribute his movies, too.

Well, Hollywood, let me tell you what women want (at least this woman): A universe where racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic douchebags that threaten and justify domestic violence don't get the time of day, and certainly not any second (or third, or fourth) chances.

by Katie Waldeck
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Michael Richards

Bush supporters?? What's his deal with them? Is it because Bush supporters are also likely to support various funding projects in Israel?

I'm sorry to be slightly off topic, but I thought it was timely. I work in a museum that celebrates a certain feminist author who wrote about slavery. Yesterday, Michael Richards came into the museum! I immediately, interesting he chose this museum that teaches social justice based on his very racist rant a few years back. But perhaps he was trying to learn something and better himself? I don't know how many other rants he may have had or much else about his life besides the Seinfeld stuff.

Some rumors surfaced around

Some rumors surfaced around the Laugh Factory blow-up that Richards has a volatile personality in that he's arrogant and moody, like pretty much every celebrity, but I didn't hear anything about him ever having been abusive other than that particular incident. And he'd been around way longer than Seinfeld.
I get the feeling with Richards it was sort of a one-off thing where he got super ego-bruised and pissed off and hurled the most hurtful thing he could think of, and that he understood that it was crazy and nasty.
With Gibson I think he really believes the shit he says.

I would be surprised to see

I would be surprised to see him starring in too many more films - he hasn't been attracting crowds lately anyway. I bet he moves into producing more movies. Ugh.

Well, he was dropped from

Well, he was dropped from his talent agency, as it was reported today. I have confidence that no other agency will touch him. I think that this has finally angered people so much that they know no one will support him again. he went too far, and it's a shame because he's a great actor who has a lot of talent, it's such a shame someone so talented is such a jerkwad. Even so, I won't see his movies anymore, I'll only be thinking of the disgusting things he's said.

I disagree with Nicole LaPorte, he WAS a strong enough force, but considering his last movie didn't really turn a profit, and his last big movie he starred in was before that was Signs in 2002, I think he's done.

Mel Gibson just keeps

Mel Gibson just keeps turning out to be more of a shit.

although I haven't heard the tapes or seen what he actually said. anybody know? just kind of my morbid curiosity, i guess.

You can listen to the latest

You can listen to the latest rant (a full eight minutes) here: It's pretty unsettling. He sounds like he's damn near frothing at the mouth; at times he even pants like a dog because he's so worked up. He sounds absolutely terrifying and I can understand why she felt that her safety, and the safety of their daughter, was at risk.

That was awful.

One of the most hate-filled, terrible things I've ever heard. I suggest just reading the quoted bits rather than listening to it; I wish I hadn't. The quotes on the page focus on the admissions/threats of violence (which are horrifying,) but his words are chock-full of misogyny, too; epithets aside, he explicitly states that a "real woman" would just stay quiet and serve him sexually. After all his previous douchery, I didn't think I'd be shocked by him anymore, but that clip did it repeatedly.

It's kind of funny, because

It's kind of funny, because I grew up being told that Mel Gibson was one of the few white "hunks" that appealed to a great many Black women. Well, at least, he used to. OK, so it's not ha ha funny...

Douchebaggery Really Hitting The Fan and Questions.

Good grief! The recordings of Mel Gibson's douchebaggery have been getting played bit by bit on television and the pictures emerging are pretty ugly. Apparently this breakup has been in the works for a while and when one partner tapes the other during a "War of the Roses" it can get ugly, but in this case Mel Gibson has <b>no plausible excuse</b> for this level of..... of.... it's even beyond douchebaggery. It may ruin one my favorite movies for me that he was in. There is just no excuse for punching a woman in the face, or that racism. So much for his P.R.. Will he possibly try to claim she's a Russian Spy? Conspiracy theory was one of my favorite movies, but now, thinking back to a line in that movie that was really offensive, there was a scene in the movie when he and Julia Roberts who played Alice were approaching her assassinated late fathers barn at night and he was talking about how lone gunman assasins always had three names. i could swear he said "James Earl Ray, bagged that loser King". i'm wondering whether he ad-libbed that line and believed that or if it could have been in the script. Now we hear a telephone recording of him using the phrase "raped by a pack of niggers" and yet Whoopie Goldberg is sticking up for him? Has she heard this tape? i believe she said on the view that she knows him and that he is not a racist. Am i imagining all this?

It's true.

The clip's here:

Goldberg says he's an ass and a bonehead, but not a racist or misogynist since he hasn't said such hateful things <i>directly to her.</i> She's "not defending him?" What the hell? First the nonsense about Polanski; now this. Might be time to dispose of my old copy of <i>Sister Act</i>.

Whoopi and Mad-Mel Beyond His Thunder-Mouth (again!)

@ <a href="" rel="nofollow">The BadassMuppet</a>:
Good video. As if that wasn't enough, unbelievably, Whoopie Goldberg did it again today, July 14th, 2010 on ABC's "The View" and it seemed even worse. This time she did it with backup from right-wing motormouth Laura Ingraham and cheerleading by Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

First Whoopi displayed righteous indignation that people called her out on her previous defense of her friend Mad-Mel Gibson beyond his thunder-mouthing, saying: "I do believe had you actually watched the show..." " would of heard me specifically say: 'I don't condone this...' " Then she went on to say that "now being a black woman you'd think you would give me a little bit of, of you know, leeway to have some feel if I was around a racist. But okay, I understand. I understand you don't get it. I understand that."

She was right that i don't understand how using the phrase "raped by a pack of niggers" can somehow not be taken as racist, but what do i know. i'm white.

Then she cleared everything up by admitting she's a racist herself. The YouTube video of that portion of todays show was posted on the ABCTheView YouTube channel at:
<a href="" rel=></a> , and in it she basically implies we've all done it and therefore shouldn't cast the first stone.

She didn't explain how it wasn't misogynistic for Mel to yell that because of the way Oxana dresses she deserves to be raped. i guess because Whoopi is a woman and i'm a guy then she can comment on that and i can't.... but i'm only inferring that. After all, i'm a guy, so i guess i shouldn't comment on perceived misogyny.

More tapes were released today, June 14th, by <a href=" rel="nofollow">Radar Online: Mel Threatens to Burn Down House After Demanding Oral Sex</a> .

The comments make me sick.

In every discussion about this, aside from this one (bless you all!) I've seen ridiculous user comments defending Gibson. People keep saying he was "set up." I am amazed by how much sense that does not make. Do they think she said, "Blurt out every racist and sexist thing you can think of, even though I know you're a total gentleman, and, oh yeah...pretend you've been brutally beating me in front of our daughter, admit to it and then threaten murder?" She "set up" a tape recorder, yes, but that's it, and I think that was totally understandable, considering how many domestic violence victims are not believed, especially amongst celebrities.

As it turns out, she's STILL not believed! UNREAL.

I personally am not going to listen to any more of his tapes. They're nightmare fodder. Probably should stop reading asinine, chauvinistic anonymous responses too, huh?

Letterman Did Top Ten List of Mel Gibson Excuses

Just over an hour and a half ago (just before midnight EDT on July 12th, 2010) i was watching the Late Show on CBS with David Letterman. The Top Ten List was the TOP TEN MEL GIBSON EXCUSES. i thought some of them were pretty funny even though as you pointed out, he's a racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic douchebag. i doubt this will just blow over. You made another excellent choice for Ye Olde Douchebag Decree!

Top Ten Mel Gibson Excuses (Letterman) on YouTube

CBS uploaded the <a href="" rel="nofollow">(watch it here) David Letterman - Mel Gibson Top Ten</a> Excuses from the July 12, 2010 Late Show on CBS on to their YouTube channel.

Forget About That Loser

I think that the sooner everyone forgets about that loser the better. Don't waste anymore time on him. I'm stopping right after I hit "submit."

I think Mel needs a time out...

I remember years ago a hollywood legend telling me at LAX that he knew that old Mel was a F&*(&(&*%g jerk...That actor was Mr James Coburn and we talked at length about just this sorta thing that a lot of people are just now discovering for themselves. Mr Coburn himself was no angel but he made the comment based on what he observed and knew personally as a friend and acquaintance of Mel...Me I think Mel should take his MONEY and his views and move back from where he hails from and leave this country for good...His talent would better serve the type of post apocalyptic trash he was so fond of back in th MAD MAX days...Good Riddance and good bye Mel...Oh by the way you should try applying an old saying my granny use to tell us kids, it goes like this,"If you don't have anything nice to say than shut your mouth...

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