Douchebag Decree: Governor Scott Walker, General in the War on Women

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It’s sad when you start reading the news expecting more states to pass laws that limit reproductive rights for women. With Virginia’s trans-vaginal ultrasound law, Arizona and five other states enacting legislation to ban abortion after twenty weeks, and let’s not forget Rick Perry’s douche-y move to cut Medicaid funding to Texas Planned Parenthoods, the so called “war on women” is not just an issue on the federal level. So it comes as no surprise that when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed over 50 bills last Thursday, several of those bills limited women’s reproductive rights. However, Walker took his douchery to a new level by repealing the state’s Equal Pay Enforcement Act. Governor Scott Walker you have earned a Douchebag Decree for taking your sexism a step beyond reproductive health issues, limiting women’s rights even farther by denying them legal protection from gender-based work discrimination.

Governor Walker, a white man with dark hair wearing a suit

Perhaps Governor Walker thought that people wouldn’t notice the effects of the bills he was signing given the massive number of them, but in addition to repealing the Equal Pay Enforcement Act (and thereby stripping Wisconsin women of legal protection against discrimination), Walker passed three other misogynistic bills:

1) A bill that would require public schools to teach abstinence-only education as the means to prevent pregnancy and STIs. (And we all know how well abstinence-only education programs have worked in the past.)

2) A bill that requires private counseling between doctors and women seeking abortions—(thereby creating yet another institutionalized intimidation tactic to scare women out of making reproductive choices for themselves).

3) A bill that prohibits insurance plans in Wisconsin from covering abortions (because obviously all women can pay out of pocket for reproductive health care. NOT!).

In a single swoop, Governor Walker decreed himself a douchebag who decided to use his political power to reinforce institutionalized sexism and discrimination. Walker, you brought this Douchebag Decree on yourself.

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by Morgan Hecht
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Ok, he can hide behind religion and the church with some of this stuff (you know that ideology that's supposed to be SEPERATE from and state) but how the hell is he going to explain the repeal of the Equal pay act?

he ruining families what

he ruining families what about the single moms trying to provide for their families he hasnt consider them what they have to do to make ends meat. This guy must have closed his eyes an signed any paper they put in front of him. 50 bills you know how hard it was to pass one but 50 he xouldnt of read them all.

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