Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Fashion Forward Edition!

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Buying a gift for a fashionista can be one tough nut to crack.  Do you want to dazzle and impress, but have no idea what the difference between a cowl neck and a crew neck is?  Are you as ensembly challenged as Amber from Clueless?  Fear not!  Here at Bitch, we understand that navigating the fashion world can be daunting to the unfamiliar.  So we've compiled a list of our most favorite finds for the trendsetter in your life.  Don't waste another minute stressing!  Take the scotch tape out and get ready to put a bird bow on it.

Pop culture you can wear:

For all your pop culture loving pals, why not get a gift that they can wear while reppin' their favorite book/TV show/film?  There's quite a bit to choose from out there and it's easy to find thanks to Google, but I've rounded up some of my personal favs the Internet has to offer.  Reachin' back into my childhood, I found super cool custom recreations of Harry Potter monogrammed sweaters.  Not catching the reference?  Mrs. Weasley talks about making them for Christmas gifts.  Isn't that perfect?  The personalization obviously makes for a really sweet touch, but be sure to order ahead because they'll take about 2-3 weeks to process.  I don't know about you, but I was really excited when Freaks & Geeks was added to Netflix.  Here are some funky Haverchuck (for president, of course) earrings.  Lastly, I uncovered nifty handmade mockingjay pins a la Hunger Games.  Now you can forever show your support for Katniss Everdeen and District 12.  Not sure what media your fashionista likes to consume?  Ask away!  It's a great way to throw them off and make for a nice surprise.

Monogrammed Harry Potter sweaters and earrings with character Bill Haverchuck smiling with words 'Haverchuck For President'
Coffee table books:

Just because your fashiony friend likes focusing on their external self, doesn't mean they don't like tending to their internal self too.  And if your gift receiver is anything like me, they're probably already swimming in clothing as a direct result of their hoarding tendencies.  So, spare them the hassle of accumulating more crap in the closet and help 'em fill their bookshelves instead!  Street fashion never gets old.  For the collector you can buy the book version of the infamous blog, The Sartorialist, or this awesome collection of Japanese street style for the quirky.  Want to go classic?  Try picking out a book about their favorite fashion magazine or icon, like this illustrated history of Vogue.

 Closer, and Illustrated History of Vogue

Stocking stuffers:

Looking for something affordable and compact but adequately thoughtful and hip?  Here are a few ideas for stocking stuffers worth cashing in your pennies for.  A lady (or lad) can never have too many lipsticks.  Instead of settling for the options at the local drugstore, think about splurging on some quality products from the Portland Black Lipstick Company.  Their lipsticks are all natural, and they're stocked full of hard-to-find colors like chlorosis and gilded lily.  Not liking the lipstick idea?  Consider the age-old stocking stuffer go-to: socks.  Sock Dreams has a huge selection to choose from whether you're looking for classic black tights or the rainbow toe socks of your adolescence.  In this season?  Ombre leggings, two-toned tights, and lacy thigh-highs.  Finally, head over to Studs & Spikes and pick out a few different assortments of studs (like these ones or these) for crafting.  The best thing about buying in bulk?  You can bundle them into sets for multiple friends!


Three lipsticks in colors black, purple, and blue on tan paper

Okay, we admit that socks and tights could fall under the category of accessories, but the following would be better suited for a box or bag than rolled up in an old stocking.  For the cutesy, here are some adorable heart-stitched gloves from Etsy dealer Yastikizi.  They hail all the way from Turkey though, so do plan ahead and allow up to three weeks delivery time.  Hittin' closer to home, we have incredible eco-friendly wood jewelry from Portland designer Ms. Wood.  Many of the pieces, like these retro drop square earrings, come in various natural, stain-free shades.  Lastly, with the ever-popular infinity scarf craze I found one (of many) stores on Etsy selling the must-haves in a selection of colors.  Stick to looser knits for the best look and ultimate coziness.

A pair of cream gloves with red stitched heart on wood grain background and a pair of wood earrings on gray background.
If all else fails:

You can always give the gift of choice with a certificate to their favorite shop!  While your default may be to choose a major retailer like Target or Macy's, the extra thought and careful consideration that comes with selecting a trend setter's favorite local boutique or Etsy store truly makes a difference.  Personalization and a kick ass card is key to making the ol' gift card something special.

While quickly encroaching, the holidays are still far enough to plan ahead.  We hope that this edition of Bitch in a Box helps guide you to the right gift.  Be sure to stay tuned for all the bitches in boxes to come!

Did we miss something you or your inner-circle are stocking up on this season?  Let us know in the comments.


by Emilly Prado
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Emilly Prado is a writer, educator, and interim director of Youth Programs at Literary Arts in Portland, Oregon. When not writing or teaching, Emilly moonlights as DJ Mami Miami with Noche Libre, the Latinx DJ collective she cofounded in 2017. Learn more at or @emillygprado on Twitter and Instagram.

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those "harry potter" sweaters are $100 and they're just land's end sweaters

They're and embroidered. I'm

They're and embroidered. I'm guessing you've never embroidered anything? It's quite time consuming.

Or maybe just make your own

Or maybe just make your own stuff. Craft something, gift a service you're good at. Take someone somewhere. Don't buy 100$ sweaters...

Thank you!

Rock on! Thanks so much for featuring my Harry Potter House sweaters! I order a sweater of the customer's choice from Land's End, and embroider the letter and color of their choice on the front! :) Each sweater takes about 3 hours, and they are unique to each buyer! Thanks for supporting my small business here in the US of A, where I work my tail off to make a living! :)


Harry Potter Sweaters

I bought one of the HP sweaters for my roommate/business partner for Christmas and I absolutely love it. Rose does an amazing job embroidering the sweaters, and they're high-quality sweaters to begin with. Definitely worth the cost. They're not going to fall apart in 6 months that's for sure! Her technique is so well-done that you'd never know the initial wasn't there to start with...I've never seen anything like it.

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