BitchTapes: Who's Hungry? (Part III)

BitchTapes: Who's Hungry Part III from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


Alright, I know you're all probably nursing a major food baby (thanks, Juno) just like me, but I thought it necessary to carry on the Bitch tradition of edible mixtapes.  Whether you're picking' through some green bean casserole or candied yams (which I tried for the first time this year), here's a selection of tasty tunes to get you through the day.  And they're organized by courses, naturally.


We're startin' off the morning right with some good ol' C&C with Otis.  While I don't actually smoke, I'm sure I'd find this combo delightful if I did. Next up we've got eggs and sausage to fuel us up for the rest of this day of food.  How do you like your grits?  I like mixing in a bit of cheese and fresh cracked pepper. James likes 'em sweet, just like this song.

1. “Cigarettes and Coffee” – Otis Redding

2. “Eggs and Sausage” – Tom Waits

3. “Grits” – James Brown


It's snack time, y'all. What better way to hold us over than a medley of mother earth's sweet candy. That's right – I'm serving up a fresh fruit salad brought to you by three of my favorite artists.

4. “Yellow Raspberry” – Xiu Xiu

5. “Three Peaches” – Neutral Milk Hotel

6. “Red Apples” – Cat Power


We're obviously going to dig in to that fridge full of leftovers for some more midday munching. First up, we've got a “solid” potato salad with an even solider video worth checking out.  Pile on the turkey and cranberries and get ready for the nap that's sure to come.  Don't be sorry - we know you'll be dreaming about the fare in your near future.

7. “Solid Potato Salad” – The Ross Sisters 

8. “Turkey Sandwich” – Mika Miko

9. “Dreams”  The Cranberries


Now for the last real meal of the day, I thought we could visit Italy and all the deliciousness that gets cooked up over there.  No need to be intimidated, but we've got lasagna, a whole personal pizza, and some icy grey water to wash it all down. Mmm.  

10. “Lasagna” – The Knife

11. “I Don't Wanna Be No Personal Pizza” – Personal & The Pizzas

12. “Grey Ice Water” – Modest Mouse


And finally, it just wouldn't feel right to leave without a taste of dessert. We know you don't need any more leftovers, so take The Drifters' advice and spread the love around. There's no need to hoard all those sugar dumplings to yourself. (Or do, and we won't judge).

13. “Sugar Dumpling” – Sam Cooke

14. “Sweets For My Sweet” – The Drifters

That, my friends, brings us to the conclusion of Who's Hungry (Part III). I hope you enjoyed our five-course feast together. Have a favorite food song that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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