Dude Plays Like A Lady?

I checked my "gender" updates on Google News this morning (you know me, I love gender news) and found this article on NBA basketball player Pau Gasol. The article is from a sports website called The Bleacher Report, and the headline reads, "After Tonight's Game the NBA Orders Pau Gasol to Take Gender Test."


Turns out the article is fake. As I am sure is obvious, considering the fact that I completely thought the article was real, I don't know much about professional sports (although reading La Macha's blog posts has been helping me get up to speed). Upon reading the article I was immediately ready to write about the tyranny of gender in sports, or whatever else the forced "gender testing" of someone might signify.

However, the article instead points to rampant sexism in sports, or at least in sports journalism. Apparently this article is meant as an attack on Gasol's athletic abilities. And what is the quickest way to call a man's abilities into question? Imply that he might be a woman.

I know this isn't news to most of us. Insults like, "You throw like a girl," or, "What's the problem, did you get sand in your vagina?" are all over the media. I don't know though, this article struck a particular chord. Here is an excerpt: 

Stern was very upset [and ordered the gender test] with Gasol for three reasons—it's constant
whining to the refs, it's version of the tennis grunt when taking a
shot, and lastly for hanging on the rim after a dunk.

Usually, the league administers a urine test and of course always
with advanced notice, but Stern was too pissed off, so he decided that
it was time for a surprise test for Gasol. Gasol, of course, was not
too thrilled because she knew her secret would be out to the world.

I am sure that one reason this article rubbed me the wrong way is because I thought it was completely real, and I felt appalled that the NBA would force a "gender test" on anyone without their consent. I don't know though, I think this article is taking gender insults to a whole new level. Was the joke just on me? What do you think?

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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WTF exactly

what exactly was the point of that article?

The writer is attacking a player's persona and abilities by calling him a girl and that is somehow supposed to be funny? it offends me greatly that whoever this guy is he thinks it's ok to 1) makes careless and unfounded remarks about women and women athletes and 2) think that it is remotely funny or worthy of reading.

i've had it up to hear with all the sexist pop culture bullshit i've read today.

see what i mean...

Pau is roundly criticised as

Pau is roundly criticised as being a bit of a softy (as a basketball fan I can indeed attest to the truth of this statement). It's unfortunate that the stereotype still aligns that with "womanliness", though. It would be nice (but perhaps naive) to think we've moved beyond that.

Your rant makes me smile

I'm sorry you feel that the article is attacking Gasol's athletic abilities. Maybe you should have taken a closer look at the next article was written by the one who wrote the article and maybe you would be able to understand why the article was written. Oh by the way the article was filed under humor maybe you need a refresher course on how to read, but usually an article on a sports website that's filed under humor isn't real. Just a heads up so you don't look so stupid in ranting at this bitch magazine.org crap.


I find it funny that you're a feminist group but your magazine is titled bitchmagazine! Isn't that a little hypocritical for getting upset over a sarcastic article written about a basketball players who's only ability to is to whine at the refs? Yeah, maybe you should change the name to something more cheerful because you know what with this website, magazine, or organization, or whatever the hell you want to call it is just furthering the stereotype that women are bitches. Oh, no did I really just say that?

One more thing

Almost every single athlete in today's sporting world is subject to random drug tests. Guess what the urologist doing their job would be able to determine the sex of the person just by the urine.

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