Eight New Lobbying Hobbies That Fight Against Hobby Lobby

Thanks to today’s Supreme Court decision, Hobby Lobby and other for-profit companies run by religious individuals will face no punishment if they refuse to provide insurance coverage for female birth control. As one person astutely noted, “Crafting now leads to unwanted pregnancies.” All of this action is sparking some creative energy! It’s time we got some new hobbies, preferably ones that involve lobbying for reproductive rights.

Here are eight fun new lobbying hobbies to help counter today’s decision.  

women dressed in vintage clothing at a protest

1. Craft a vintage-inspired protest sign! When Missouri legislators debated a bill that would require mandatory ultrasounds for women seeking abortions, reproductive rights supporters whipped up 1950’s costumes and retro protest signs that harkened to the era before abortion was legal. The message was clear: don’t force us back to the Mad Men era. Host a party to make big, showy signs so that you and all your friends will be ready for the next big rally. (photo by @AlisonDreith

stamp says "women's suffrage"

2. Scrapbook a letter to your senator! You know what’s not cute? How almost every single state restricts abortion access in some way and many have opted out of Medicaid’s expansion, leaving women struggling to access basic reproductive healthcare. Get the best-quality paper you can find and write a letter to your elected representative about this issue. Then cover it with things that bring the message home: like photos of you and your friends who vote for women’s healthcare, and drawings of all the dollar bills you’ll have to be spending on birth control. Throw a handful of glitter in the envelope for good measure!

3. Stitch an adorable  protest t-shirt or tote bag! Upcycle an old t-shirt into a modern sandwich board, or whip up a canvas carryall and make it into a statement piece. A catchy slogan—“Keep your beliefs out of my business!” or “I buy my floss where women’s heathcare is boss”—conveys that reproductive justice really is your bag.  (hoodie by 4000 Years for Choice

chalk that says "check your freedoms here"

4. Chalk the sidewalks around your local Hobby Lobby! Remember, the sidewalk outside a business is public property, even if you’re protesting the establishment. Time to break out the colors, ladies, and fill the streets around Hobby Lobby with your favorite pro-birth control slogans, pictures of angry uteri, and more! (photo by Keith Ivey

ruth bader ginsburg nail art

5. Bedazzle your nails with images of Ruth Bader Ginsburg! Her dissent in the Hobby Lobby case is brilliant—but it’s too long to fit on your nails. A Pinterest-worthy ode to RGB will be a conversation starter, and you’ll have her strength on your side when you protest future injustices.  (photo via Notorius RBG)  

6. Make a zine listing the location of every non-Hobby Lobby hobby store in your town! Grab the glue stick and scissors and get crafting! People who support reproductive rights in your town would certainly appreciate a delightful photocopied map listing the location of the independent art and craft stores in your town, as well any of the larger chains that don’t believe that women’s birth control is an employers’ business. You’ll rest easy knowing that you’ve made it easy for craft enthusiasts to shop their consciences. (photo by Jen Collins

cute birth control packs painted with bunnies

7. Host a birth control craft fair! Places like Planned Parenthood and National Network of Abortion Funds are going to be busy now that numerous “closely held” private companies can opt out of providing contraceptive coverage to their employees. Get your friends together for a craft fair and donate the proceeds to groups that support reproductive healthcare. (art by Renee Delosh, via Degenerate Craft Fair

crocheeted uteruses

8. Crochet a uterus for Hobby Lobby headquarters! The bigwigs at Hobby Lobby seem so concerned about their employees’ reproductive organs, why not crochet a whole bunch for them to take care of? A knitting group is already doing this for conservative political representatives. So get your craftiest pals together with a few skeins of yarn and some hooks, and then womb-bomb the heck out of Hobby Lobby HQ. Put a tag on each fuzzy uterus that reads “Here’s one of your very own, to control as you wish.” They’ll hardly be able to complain! Drop your uterus in the mail to Hobby Lobby at 7717 SW 44th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73179. (photo by Carrie via Tink Jones

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Pelt them with placenta

Maybe we should just pelt the front of Hobby Lobby with fresh placenta from all the babies we didn't want to have.

Hobby Lobby

I will only buy crafts that have not been made with materials from Hobby Lobby.

I'm really invested in the

I'm really invested in the craft industry, and I'm watching craft companies to see who pulls their products from their shelves. I will definitely not be buying anything from manufacturers that produce Hobby Lobby exclusive products or who work with them on special promotions.

Companies need to mind their

Companies need to mind their own business, not my business. Right? How awful that I be expected to pay for my own shit. I'm a strong, independent woman. I need the company I work for to validate my sex life by paying for contraception.


I understand what you're saying but it's not about women not wanting to pay for their own birth control. It's the fact that out of all the things they could have fought against in order to protect their religious freedom against Obamacare, birth control was the only one. So it seems like another fight against women's rights. Not to mention this win gave religion the upper hand against all other religions. They really didn't consider their employees. Not just the women in general but the non-Christians. Beliefs are hurtful when you're inconsiderate and seeing things in black and white. Health is health. Birth control isn't something you just buy off the rack and take when you're ready for it. It protects women. They shouldn't be against covering it.

Inconsiderate? You think

Inconsiderate? You think murdering a baby is inconsiderate? No wonder our world is all messed up.

Birth control does not cause

Birth control does not cause abortions. Please read *anything* based in science or medicine and you will learn this.

On a separate note, the issue of abortion and its impact on society is not as black and white as you suggest. That is a separate discussion and should be taken to a different thread.

Get real!

Our world is messed up because ignorant zealots who don't even practice the fundamentals of the religion they so rigorously force upon everyone else think it's ok to for men to randomly sleep around and enjoy sex with zero consequences but women shouldn't have even the most basic control over their own bodies. IE; Rape Culture, Deadbeat Dads, Domestic Violence, Genital Mutilation, the list goes on. ...

re: inconsiderate?

Abortion had nothing-NOTHING to do with the case at ALL. But while we're on the subject of abortion, might I bring to your attention that the products SOLD at Hobby Lobby are made in CHINA. A country where abortion is government sanctioned. This means, if you are a woman, working in the factories in China who pre die-cut wooden letters, build adorable rug hook kits, package cheap Christmas balls, (you get my drift) and you already have the limit of 2 children and get pregnant, you are required by law to have an abortion. Reproductive freedom is not a one sided issue. I support ALL women's right NOT to have an abortion if she chooses. But I also support a woman's right to HEALTHCARE in general. And this means ALL women. It is at the VERY LEAST a giant hypocritical move to throw the baby Jesus into an argument about following the law, while bank rolling a nation who REQUIRES the very thing you pretend to be fighting against on your "religious principles". The whole thing is just sexist bullshit, hiding behind the buzz word " Christian values" and at its very core, corporate greed.


Hobby Lobby has the idea that some forms of birth control CAUSE abortion. So, yes this is part of this particular conversation. These guys want more control over our lives than they already have. If they were as religious as they claim, they would want what's best for women. But, then, the bible didn't have a good opinion of women, did it?
I do support a woman's decision not to have an abortion, also, but this is about more than that. What if my daughter was raped? Would I support her decision to get an abortion? Damned right, I would!! In more and more states it would not be her right. SCOTUS is making our religious, and more importantly, our healthcare choices for us and this cannot be tolerated.
I gotta go,my head is going to explode.

Well said!

Well said!

re: inconsiderate? seriously?

Abortion had nothing-NOTHING to do with the case at ALL. But while we're on the subject of abortion, might I bring to your attention that the products SOLD at Hobby Lobby are made in CHINA. A country where abortion is government sanctioned. This means, if you are a woman, working in the factories in China who pre die-cut wooden letters, build adorable rug hook kits, package cheap Christmas balls, (you get my drift) and you already have the limit of 2 children and get pregnant, you are required by law to have an abortion. Reproductive freedom is not a one sided issue. I support ALL women's right NOT to have an abortion if she chooses. But I also support a woman's right to HEALTHCARE in general. And this means ALL women. It is at the VERY LEAST a giant hypocritical move to throw the baby Jesus into an argument about following the law, while bank rolling a nation who REQUIRES the very thing you pretend to be fighting against on your "religious principles". The whole thing is just sexist bullshit, hiding behind the buzz word " Christian values" and at its very core, corporate greed.

I don't see why birth control

I don't see why birth control was given special treatment over my MS medications that give me the ability to work and otherwise live a normal life. When I used birth control, I payed the *gasp $10 copay.

Um, does hobby lobby want to

Um, does hobby lobby want to exclude your MS meds for "religious" reasons?

Cause if they do than your statement is relevant. If they don't, well birth control is not being given "special treatment over your MS medications."

Um you say you paid your co

Um you say you paid your co pay? Then that means your insurance that you pay for covered your contraception! Duh! No one is looking for it for free, they're looking for it to be covered.

I know, I know, don't feel the trolls. But this one's so HUNGRY!

I see what you did there. Cute.

Let me guess, your Viagra and your vasectomies were covered, no questions asked, at the provider of your choosing? No shouting protestors at the entrances? No doctors refusing to perform procedures, give prescriptions, or fill them?

Must be nice to have YOUR "sex life validated" and financially supported. We women wouldn't know what that's like.

I had to chime in on this one

I had to chime in on this one as it is so obvious the commenter is male, most likely a poor little disenfranchised one at that. He must have strayed too far off the MRM forums.

Well this male thinks that the Hobby Lobby can go autofornicate themselves. Kudos to Ruth Bader Ginsberg for seeing this B.S. for exactly what it is. And on behalf of the men, sorry ladies, we'll pull our collective heads out of our rears at some point...

All the best fighting the good fight.

From the father of a six year old daughter who has no desire to see her put up with this nonsense.

I just wanted to say thank

I just wanted to say thank you for speaking up. I know so many men who feel the same way but are too afraid to say anything because they are aware of how little they know on the topic of how women feel and are affected. This is a great example of how a real man takes a stand for something.

Let's say you are in a car

Let's say you are in a car accident and need a blood transfusion. Guess what? Your employer doesn't cover that because they are Jehovah Witnesses. It sad that there isn't more outrage because this truly sets a dangerous precedent.

Forget about the low income women much?

Not all women are as financially independent as you seem to be. For women with a low income, having contraceptive care covered by their employers can make a world of a difference in terms of their financial situation. Providing birth control allows them to focus on caring for themselves and their families (if they have them) and preventing unwanted pregnancies also prevents further financial strain. Why don't you be a <strong>real</strong> strong, independent woman and fight for those who aren't?

Ahh but we do.

Hi there Mr Strong Woman - we actually are paying for the health insurance, it is being deducted from our pay checks. So why should it be up to our bosses to decide what that health insurance covers and what it doesn't?

Hobby Lobby & more...

When a privately "closely-held" corporation is created sacrifice & hard work by a Family(s) whose religious beliefs & convictions are the reasons they have succeeded then the Supreme Court decision is the correct one. This Country was founded upon such principles.
The ultra left liberals who want socialism to succeed against those principles are the demise of this Country and unknowingly themselves as their own freedoms will be diminished.
Birth control is a personal issue for all and not a right guaranteed thru health insurance. It is a matter of "pro choice" to be so and the responsibility of each man & woman not the federal government.

Please explain how this

Please explain how this business's 'religious beliefs & convictions are the reasons they have succeeded'? Because thats a pretty fucking ridiculous statement to make. Did they pray harder for more profit?

Probably a blood sacrifice.

Probably a blood sacrifice. People always forget how much God loved a sacrifice in the Old Testament. I bet they got way ahead of the game with a few goats.

Yeah buddy and the Cialis and

Yeah buddy and the Cialis and Viagra for hard-ons are also a personal issue and not a right guaranteed through health insurance. But guess what! Your hard-ons are covered! Yay for you. They didn't succeed because they are religious, they succeed because they buy barges of cheap shit from China.

You are absolutely right!

You are absolutely right! That's why Hobby Lobby sources most of their merchandise form China, a country that forces its citizens to have abortions if they already have one child. And Hobby Lobby is SO smart and successful, that they have figured out a way to make money from the manufacturers of Plan B and the abortion pill whilst denying their employees to right to buy it. Religious freedom is all bout having the freedom to force your religious rights on other people! Viva Hobby Lobby! They really are consistent with their morals. I can't wait until the Hindis out in Silicon Valley forbid their employees access to any medication that has been sourced from an animal. That's what this country is all about. Money buys rights to other people's healthcare!

Money buys the rights...

Money buys the rights to other peoples lives, it determines how and when they are "allowed" to vote, it determines where their children may obtain an education, how much, if any, healthcare they receive, the quality of the air they breathe and the water they drink, the quality of the food they eat. They even buy your religion or their idea of what is acceptable religious practices. Separation of church and state used to have some meaning before the lines got smudged, the court system was bought, the politicians are bought, thankfully, we still have an open internet, at least until they get their way with that too.....so good luck to those who blindly believe, your ignorance is bought by hate and lies you so unquestionably wrap your arms around. Please wake up. Oh, and by the way, if your child isn't vaccinated, keep them the hell out of my child's school, and out of public places. No one should have to live with the consequences of your BAD decisions.

Hobby Lobby & More

You seem to misunderstand, as so many people commenting on this issue do, the difference between a corporation and a natural person.

A natural person -- one who was born, is alive, and eventually dies -- can have a religion, can exercise his/her religion, can have his/her speech, assembly and other rights protected by the constitution.

A corporation -- even a closely held corporation -- is, in the eyes of the law, an artificial being INDEPENDENT of the people who created it. A corporation is not born and cannot die. It cannot go to jail. It cannot go to heaven or hell, cannot even believe in heaven or hell, because it is NOT a human being.

A corporation does not have the right to free exercise of its religion for the simple reason that it cannot HAVE a religion. The religion of the people who owned it, the people who created it, the people who work for it, are utterly irrelevant in determining whether this artificial person, this corporation, can have a religion.

If you are willing to say that a corporation shares the religious beliefs of the people who own it, then you must also be willing to say that the people who own the corporation are legally responsible for whatever the corporation does. In that case, the whole reason for a corporation to exist disappears.

You can't have it both ways. Either the corporation is the owners of the corporation, and then we can talk about whether the beliefs of the human beings who own the company trump the beliefs of the people who work for the company, or the corporation is NOT the owners of the corporation (which hundreds of years of corporate law would hold), in which case it does not have any religion to exercise and the Hobby Lobby decision is utter nonsense.

Exactly! Thank you!

Exactly! Thank you!

This is the single most

This is the single most comprehensive response on this thread. I think this Country is far too generous in handing out articles of incorporation.

Are they really that smart?!

Hobby Lobby isn't that smart. They just pissed off their primary demographic, an audience with HUGE future buying potential. Good one Hobby Lobby.

Law is Law

They can be a closely held company that used their beliefs to get ahead. That's great for them. However, the law is the law. Period. You cannot give certain subgroups exemptions from the law, any law, because they ask for them and believe they should get it. That creates a superior group in the eyes of the law. In this case, because that superior group is a certain religious, it is essentially government endorsement of a legally superior religious group over a legally inferior non-religious group. To say "Well, you guys don't have to follow federal law because your beliefs say so" is legally reprehensible. It allows for many different federal laws to be ignored. Public decency laws are one such law that can be ignored now. Some Wiccans have a ritual style called skyclad, which means they go naked during the ritual. On private property, this is perfectly acceptable. However, this ruling now allows them to ignore any public decency law and go skyclad in front of a public park. After all, the law cannot be applied to religious beliefs. They are also arguing that there should be philosophical exemptions to the law now. Of course, a person's philosophical beliefs are allowed to exempt them from vaccine requirements, and have as much to do with how they run their business as a religious belief. So this could also very well pass. How long until those who follow the Objectivist philosophy do not have to follow any laws in which the government interferes with their business (minimum wage, EPA requirements, no selling alcohol to minors, child labor laws, etc)? I would say not very long. You cannot allow a subgroup exemption from the law. It violates the entire premise of the law which is that no one is above it and everyone is beholden to it.

How is this still an issue?

Yes!!! If a company is not comfortable with birth control, then it doesn't have to use it. http://wp.me/p3INSa-im

Is everyone aware that they

Is everyone aware that they cover traditional hormonal birth control? Just not abortafacients or IUDs.

Are you aware that the

Are you aware that the morning after pill isn't an abortifacient?

And yep, lots of us already know that and are still appalled that Hobby Lobby thinks that the can deny women access to any type of contraception.

Thanks for your condescension though.


Does a meme for #8 exist? I'd really like the get my crochet group working together on some uteruses, and a catchy meme seems to be the best way to catch people's attention these days. I don't want to accidentally steal the credit for this idea by making my own, though.
If it exists, I'd like to use it. If not, I'll probably make one and link to this article.

crochet-a-vagina group

A group called Government Free VJJ is encouraging people to knit female reproductive organs and mail them to Congressmen and male Senators. Check out their resources here: http://www.governmentfreevjj.com/

OMG these are fantastic! I

OMG these are fantastic! I love the crochet uteruses!

i like the idea of the

i like the idea of the uterus, but i don't really think a knitting group would be crocheting them, do you?

Darling, they absolutely

Darling, they absolutely will. Knitting groups are not filled with little blue-haired old ladies who say "fudge" instead of the f-bomb. They are women of all ages, and one thing in common--all possess or used to possess a uterus. Guaranteed that most or all of them like to decide its business for themselves.

Crochet Uterus

Does anyone have a link for that pattern? Thanks.

crochet pattern

I would be interested in the pattern also. I can crochet fast and want to send a boxful.

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