Vote 'Em If You Got 'Em: Links For Your Election Day!

Well, the attack ads are over, the convention floors have long been empty, and the event we’ve all been anticipating/dreading for what feels like our entire lives is finally upon us: It’s Election Day!

To get you ready for your big day at the polls, we’ve put together some links on elections past, resources for voting in the presence, and info for the not-so-distant future. Now get out there and vote already!

postcard from the suffrage movement showing women playing cards while a man holds a baby in the back

Back to the Future

Considering the barrage of information we’ve been under lo these many months, it’s easy to forget why we vote in the first place. Here’s some historical context to help with your election fatigue.

people standing in line in Cincinatti to vote

Poll Vault

You may have voted already (good for you, citizen!), but if not, here are some links to help you do just that.

vote 2012 sign

Remember: It’s Important!

Obama and Romney in The Last Debate

For Your Infotainment

Some links to check out as Election Day drags on. You know you won’t be able to focus on work anyway.

Have you read or written anything that might help your fellow feminists make it through Election Day 2012? Share it in the comments and GET OUT THAT VOTE!

by Kelsey Wallace
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