Election fatigue, I haz it

A few commenters have wondered in the past few weeks why there's been such a paltry amount of coverage of the primaries and their attendent issues on this site. I can't speak for my colleagues — as we always write, in tiny print, in the magazine's masthead, we have varying opinions and no monolithic position on most of the issues we cover — but I've become, as I'm sure many of you have, really exhuasted by the circularity of so much of the dialogue surrounding the question of who deserves the nomination more, Hillary or Barack. There are so many hurt feelings, well-meaning but misguided lashings out, and, of course, infuriatingly simplistic editorials about the identity politics shading every corner of the Democratic picture that I personally don't want to add another voice to the cacophony.

That said, there are definitely things I've read recently that I want readers here to check out, so I'll be periodically posting those. A couple to start with: Problem Chylde's exasperated and to-the-point rebuttal of the afore-linked Washington Post piece on the stupid, stupid question of — say it with me, now — whether sexism or racism is a bigger problem in the Democratic race. (For those counting, that's two insulting WaPo articles this week alone, three if you weren't a fan of the Linda Hirshman piece that ran alongside our pal Charlotte Allen's op-ed last weekend.) Shakesville blogger Melissa McEwan's post, reprinted on AlterNet, succintly titled "Hey Maureen Dowd, Please Shut Up!" perfectly sums up why I've pretty much stopped reading anything Dowd has to say, on this election or otherwise. And Jessica Valenti's article at the Nation today gives a solid rundown of just how depressing one particular flavor of feminist infighting has become.

So read on, and we'll aim to give you more, time and sanity permitting. Now I'm off to nurse what's either a cold an actual case of my head exploding.

by Andi Zeisler
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Andi Zeisler is the cofounder of Bitch Media and the author of We Were Feminists Once: From Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl®, the Buying and Selling of a Political Movement. You can find her on Twitter.

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I Feel You

Everything I turn to CNN, someone's talking about Hillary or Barack's delegate count. I am as concerned as the next person, but where are the days were Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton (LOL) ruled the headlines. There is nothing else going on in the world? Nothing?! I mean, there must be a cute German polar bear or something.

I promised to stop being the commenter who always complains

after the Jezebel link that upset me, so, but the "misguided lashings out, and. . .infuriatingly simplistic editorials about the identity politics" you cite both seem to be on the part of Clinton supporters. The Obama camp has no part in the infighting? Valenti's article seems to assign blame rather one-sidedly, as well, with the added punch of a "Vote Obama" ad right in the middle of it (probably not Valenti's choice to have the ad, there, but a nice illustration of who's supporters are apparently way above the aforementioned lashings out and simplistic editorials).

Am I being overly sensitive? I think we all are prone to be when we're called to task, but I don't think I'm imagining this imbalance in reported responsibility for the infighting.

see, this is why i spend most of the day

<p>...uh, apart from the time i'm actually working...reading craft blogs and downloading mp3s.  it's hard to get the facts these days -- facts on which to make informed decisions.  i stopped watching political news on tv several years ago as it was/is just too sensational.  tv stations want to report on politics as though they are the latest britney spears scandal, and that's not what i or alot of people want to hear.  a little npr and web reading is all i need...i think sometimes, reading less is more?</p>

I agree with anonymous

It was not to long ago the the Clintons were accused of racism of all things. If that is not bitter, below the belt infighting than what is?

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