End of Gender: Melissa Harris-Perry's “Being Transgender in America” Roundtable

Oh, how I love Melissa Harris-Perry. Last week the trailblazing scholar and MSNBC television host featured a segment on being transgender in America. The segment included a routable discussion with Mara Keisling of the National Center for Transgender Equality, transgender political candidate Mel Wymore, Allison Kilkenny of the Nation, and transgender writer, performer and self-described “queer and pleasant danger” Kate Bornstein.


Harris-Perry is used to breaking new ground. In her true fashion, this segment blasts through typical media narratives of trans inequality by covering topics that most media commentators won't touch. Harris-Perry and her guests discuss gender-netural pronouns, transgender people in the prison-industrial complex, coalition-building across queer communities, and how marriage equality is not the most critical issue for the LGBT community.

Watch the video below:

Transcript available in .doc format here Previously: Boys Will Be Girls Will Be Boys, Not Your Mother's Storybooks

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End of Gender: Melissa Harris-Perry's "Being Transgender in

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