E!'s “Pretty Wild” Looks Wildly Terrible

Has anyone seen any of the promos for the new E! series Pretty Wild? If you haven’t, let me clue you in: It’s an unscripted show about three sisters – Tess Taylor (19) and Alexis (18) and Gabrielle (15) Neiers, who are apparently worth watching because they are young, conventionally hot, and their mother is a “former model” who lets them go to parties in France.

Am I just a grumpy old lady, or does this show seem wildly inappropriate, wildly unnecessary, and wildly shitty?

A bit more digging (read: googling) on my part revealed that the reason for the word “Wild” in the show’s title can probably be attributed to the fact that the middle sister, Alexis, was arrested last year breaking into Orlando Bloom’s house as a part of something called a “bling ring.” Alexis and her friends allegedly broke into several celebrities’ homes (finding their addresses online) and stole jewelry, narcotics, designer clothing, and even Rachel Bilson’s TV. This heist story is such a perfect storm of celebrity/new media/privileged adolescent culture that I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or both. (You have to admit that the phrase “bling ring” is kinda amusing, at least.)

At any rate, this show looks like an attempt on E!’s part to capture that ever-elusive group of television viewers who are interested in the lives of spoiled, rich, sexy, out of control teenagers. It’s great to see a network FINALLY give attention to this underappreciated demographic, isn’t it?!? (No, it isn’t.)

I have to say that, in addition to thinking this show looks like a completely lazy and unimaginative ratings ploy, I am disappointed to see that Chelsea Handler is one its executive producers. Though I can’t claim to be a huge Chelsea Lately fan, several of you have told us in the comments section of this blog that she is one funny and smart lady. Though as such she certainly shouldn’t have to serve as the resident guardian angel for all young women who might be used by E! to make a quick buck, it’s still a bummer to see her captaining the S.S. Pretty Wild on its course toward Exploitation Island.

Sure, E! has a rich history of trumping up tales of heiresses and socialites to make subpar programming that is somehow both boring and offensive, but this seems like an especially off-putting offering. Maybe it’s the age of the subjects, or the gratuitousness of the whole thing (the name Pretty Wild alone speaks volumes), but whatever the reason I hope Pretty Wild gets canceled Pretty Quickly. How ‘bout you?

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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....I don't think Wildly Shitty covers it. So, now it's no longer just famous for being famous- it's famous for being a total moron and a criminal.....Love that these are the kind of role models my little sister has to look up too. I don't I'll let my children watch t.v. I feel nauseated.

I completely agree.

I have two nieces, and I think everyday about what I do, and the effect of everything that's out there is going to have on them. I have total faith in their parents - but there's so much of this they're going to see.

But youth aside - how about the ADULTS watching this!?

Parental influence

To be honest, if you really have that much faith in their parents, you don't have a lot to worry about. I can only speak from my experience, but if both parents are committed to a non-moronic worldview, the kids will likely be fine. That said, the V-chip has some incredibly good uses. Channels like E!, MTV, Fox News, and each and every religious channel on my satellite package are locked up tight. Link and Logo are open, but CNN and MSNBC are not. My 17-year-old has the code to get in, but my younger one does not. During their impressionable years, I'll be damned if I will let my kids wander into the stupidity of right wing theocracy or wishy-washy "liberal" equivocating. You'd be surprised how well it works.

sadly, no matter how good a

sadly, no matter how good a parent you are, there is no escaping the reality that our teens are being sent constant messages that the road to fame and reward is through bad behavior. Regardless of how many conversations we have with our children about this, they see what is happening.

actually, i think it has a

actually, i think it has a lot to do with how you were raised. im 18, and im surrounded by these images every day. i go to one of the biggest colleges in my state and i manage to keep my grades up because i know that's what is important. i partied my senior year and because i knew education meant everything, i tried hard and graduated with a 4.25 gpa and an ap diploma. my parents taught me that knowledge is power and you can't just sit around and pout and wait for shit to happen to you, you have to make it happen. parents who don't care and assume that overbearing their children or thinking that they will always do right is the wrong way to go. their mom lets them go out, on a weeknight, when one of them is fifteen, knowing that they drink and party and lets be real, are most likely having sex. please don't say its all the medias fault, because it's not. they're just doing their job. they're not responsible for me, my parents are. well, were, haha, im eighteen now.

correct parenting

I'm more concerned that you block Fox News. What's wrong with you? Oh, I know what it is. Never mind.

Yes, those damned

Yes, those damned intellectuals and their want for unbiased news that doesn't spew propaganda with fancy title transitions. BA-BAM, LOUD MUSIC!

FOX news is tabloid

thank you
FOX news is awful,
not real news


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WOW...so this is what is on TV?
The pickings must be slim as far as TV show ideas come. I think I could come up with a better half hour program than this. Who are they? and WHY are they on my TV? Im just a little confused because I guess now in America you can get a show for being a hot, home schooled criminal??? If thats the case, then hey E!, call me...I have a list of people for season 2. Here is where I will give them credit, okay so they ARE hot girls, and because there is 3 of them there will for SURE be good drama to watch. But is this really where programming has gone? Really?!?!
LOVE the E! network but- I will be boycotting the show...Along with a lot of my friends.
Sorry E!, this is a no bueno in my book. :(

i agree

i watched a couple of episodes of this show. they should make a show for every immoral slut who is trying to be model. why don't we skip all the bs and have a show that just shows genitals not stop. oh we do? its called porn. i'm a male model and i see prettier, less self-centered girls walking down the street everyday.


The saddest thing is that this is just more of the same...shows like this seem so typical nowadays, they've reached a level of neutrality that allows channel surfers to go, "so what? It's just another one of *those* shows...what's the big deal?"

Do you think she really gets

Do you think she really gets the significance of the Om symbol in her tattoo?

Good point

I think she thought it meant 'um."

Xtina <3


I have to admit, the Bling Ring saga is pretty fascinating. I'm still in the midst of deconstructing its intrigue for me. In any case, I'd much rather read about it on news sources than watch a tangentially related reality show.

Sadly I lived this story with them.

There is so much I want to say about this show and these girls because I was very close to them for months while they were in negotiations with E! I was like thier fourth sister because thier actual mother was to stoned half the time to properly deal with them. I was a mentor and the girls respected me. To be honest I realy don't think they even have a clue about whats going on and they don't comprehend the message of the show. They desperately needed money and this came along and in the beginning, before the arrest of Alexis they wanted to spread a positive message about spitituality and how they practice the Secret, ETC! They are extremely naive and misguided. Alexis very deep down has a heart but her behavior patterns are sociopathic! Same with Tess. I believe Alexis had no idea what she was even doing when she robbed orlando. She really is that clueless. I had to rescue both of them from several potental dangerous situations many times all because they are to young to know better. They do not truly believe the spirituality they speak because they do not practice it at all. I really am a victim of that family. I loved them and really wanted to help but when I am being abused I have to let them go.

So yes I completely agree that society is just brainwashed with complete trash and I too am sick that they are exploiting this. The Family had already been fillming prior to the arrests so that is not why they got this show. They are definately exploiting the arrest and that I think is sad.

Also where did you hear about the parties in France their mom lets them go to?? I was with them in France on a Shoot. So they did not go there to party. Overall everyone is responsible for the choices they make and will eventually feel the consequence. I am not here to judge anymore. I really blame the network and Chelsea Handler if anything at all. They are expoiting preditors!! I hope in the end the girls wake up and see what they are doing.

Echo Insider

I can echo "insider's" comments. I too knew this family well and was horrifically hurt by them ... as was my daughter and her father. The mother of Alexis and Gabby, Andrea Neiers-Dunn, is pure evil She truly is a socoipath. And she masks it in her cult-leader ministry.
The girls are Ignorant Arrogant Narcissists.

That E! would go forward with this program is just another example of the message sent to our teens daily, that the route to fame and goodies is through really bad behavior.

It's even worse, IMO, than People Magazine putting teen mother high school-dropout Bristol Palin on the cover.


Why Chelsea Handler is attaching herself to this is beyond me. She will be burned soon enough. No matter how smart of savvy you are, Andrea will make your life HELL! and it's very hard to get these leeches off your back.

Count me in the former-E! network viewers. I am deleting E! from my station lineup at home and work immediately

You were their "mentor?"

Well, that explains it! If you were their "mentor," whomever you are, all the typos and grammatical errors in your post goes to show what great company they were in! I love a bad reality show as much as the next girl, but I feel no pity whatsoever for these "wild children", the Hiltons, Kardashians, or any other "celebutards" who want their 15 minutes at any cost.
I am grateful to not have grown up in this horrific era of "insta-fame," and am also grateful that the only other person I responsible for is my 2 year-old Chihuahua, Cozi.

Parents, use your v-chip wisely and the rest of us can sit smugly and watch another train wreck unfold!


The one thing I don't agree with in your post

A pretty informative post overall but you lost me when you say that a teenage girl like Alexis has no idea it is wrong to go into these homes and rob, and she is clueless. Another attempt at ducking personal responsibility. Come on she is not four, she is what 19. She deserves to go to jail and it might be better than being raised where she is. These girls would be better off raised by wolves. And speaking of Canines, it is unspeakable that this show makes a reality show joke out of a serious problem with pets in this country. I am talking about when people treat buying a pet like a pair of shoes, When they get them home and they don't quite look as cute as they did in the store., they return them. Fine for shoes, but dogs are living , breathing beings who need your love, attention and most of all commitment. Tess could not be bothered to take this dog out to poop and potty train her. And I have no faith that they took the time to find this dog a proper home. She was probably off to the nearest pound and if it was a not a no kill shelter, put to sleep after three days. And for the Mom, if you can loosely call her that , to immediately talk these girls into dumping this dog rather than making them be responsible and humane, she treats the dog like a prop that didn't quite look right. . Millions of animals get this treatment in this country and are put down every day. Why I am surpised? These girls are so dumb , they can barely wipe themselves much less take a dog out. I wrote Chelsea Handler because really so much for her stance on being pro animal. Not really I guess if it makes her money and she thinks it is a big joke. No more E for or Chelsea for me. It's deplorable and she is a hypocrite. Shame on her and shame on this vapid, immoral show. These girls will either grow up to be sluts or sluts dead from a drug overdose.

Everyone loves a train

Everyone loves a train wreck. Look at Keeping up with the Kardashians. It's fun to watch the pretty people melt down

In the Kardashians defense,

In the Kardashians defense, They are actually doing well. They are making money and seem to have a very close family. With everything aside, along with a solid financial structure, family is hands down the most important thing in the world. They seem to have plenty of both. Kudos for the Kardashian family.

I am so over reality tv. How

I am so over reality tv. How many fake celebrities do we need. Who the hell are these girls. Who cares. E get a life. Why is E! promoting all things trash? Should be the T! Network. Big deal the girls have money, get tattooed, get crazy. Welcome to highschool. Ughhhh!

Its all about the

Its all about the Benjamins!! In this world, unfortunately money is King. Everyone wants it and people or companies who already have tons of it, want more. E is no exception. You ask why is E promoting all this trash..Its simple. Trashy reality sows pull in lots and lots of money. They do it for the future success of the company.

As a working actress living

As a working actress living in NY and having frequented LA, shows like this make me want to hurl my remote at the tv. The fact that they try to pass these people off as "actors" is absurd. If you go on imdb, they don't have a single credit to their name- no indie film, no commercials, nada. (Well one of them boasts a film credit entitled, Frat Party, so at least I guess she can say she knows what a set looks like). Why not follow around those of us who work our butts off trying to make it in an industry that may be crazy, but that we are willing to deal with b/c of our love for the art of it? There are a lot of educated, quality girls working three jobs so they can follow their dreams of being a REAL performer, NOT so they can be famous and get in the hottest clubs and pose for the papparazzi. UGH, and as far as enjoying a train wreck- WHY???? Why does it make people feel better to see pretty people have problems??? Our society is so ridden with this crap and unfortunately it seems to only get worse- paying the Jersey Shore rejects $10,000 an episode? WTF!?! I do not want my neices looking up to people who get wasted and show their privates and then everyone laughs- oh but it's ok b/c it's fun to watch a train wreck. ABSURD. Until people start showing an interest in REAL art, and the talented individuals who make that art, I fear we will continue this downward spiral. That being said, I am optimistic that at some point history will repeat itself and there will be an artistic revolution- it's just up to those of us who actually have respect for ourselves and a brain to start it!

Envious much?

I never comment or reply to anything, but after reading some of these comments, I had to.
All of you who commented sound like a bunch of envious "haters", because you know that if you were "pretty" enough and/or "interesting" enough to have an opportunity presented to you for YOUR own show, you would do it too.
These girls are very attractive and look like a lot of fun. The crazier, the better! Should be fun to watch. You know everyone of you will tune in to check it out. Why are you even on this site if you were not interested in these girls or their show?
Everybody loves fame in some form or another and even if it's 15 minutes, it's more than most of you will ever have.
I wish them luck!!!!!

I only went to this site to

I only went to this site to see what stupidass rich celebrity person raised this real mentor to the teenage society. Have we not had enough of the Kardykians and Ho Hilton? I, too, am sad to see that Chelsea Handler is involved in this. These are the type of shows that Chelsea makes fun of. TV is on a downward spiral.

it's not a matter of envy,

it's not a matter of envy, but the reality of of tv's ethical taste. Sure a person's taste is different from another's, but, honestly what is the contextual message this show portrays? Simply, a life that 90% of the US doesn't experience. However, another message it conducts is the idea this is how all of America's youth should be, especially to the young teens who don't fully understand and are unable to analyze it thoroughly. And how sad it is to perceive this show as anything more than a money-maker for E! I'm confident to say the responses to the article are not based on envy, but sadness for the future they foresee in television that could potentially affect society as a whole. Not to mention , too much energy is wasted on shows like these when we could be helping the world, perhaps? Again, it aint envy honey, but simplicity of the mind, created from shows like these, that angers the people who are smart enough to see how useless the show is.

liar liar jimmmbo !!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please Mr.Anonymous Don't you mean JIMBO? You are on most blogs having anything to do with the show pretty wild. Sad thing is, your doing your pathetic job!Always defending the girls, and their truly sad excuse of a mother that is a liar.And were not all wrong on these message boards that talk about fact ,versus well your versions of the truth,which are lies! The only thing correct is the girls are pretty,everything else besides Alexis being arrested is completely false and scripted. You say the most outrageous things about other posters, on different blogs always insulting people and you come off as this big mouth that ends with things like you must be fat and ugly, i feel sorry for your husband your probably bad in bed , to most woman are the haters of the show,and are envious of this particular show, and that woman are all just jealous BITCHES? You may be correct i'm sure lots of young actresses would love to be on the their own T.V.show. However i think you really can't possibly believe that everyone would like to to do a show like this one.I mean the whole thing is actually scripted, and from the start Ms. Andrea Neiers/Arlington/Dunn has lied about many things.What i think most people are doing is sadly really laughing and not because the shows funny, because They literally look foolish and were this actually a comedy,with actors playing parts like the show married with children it would possibly be somewhat funny, but this is taking it to an all new low on parenting skills truly. And no i'm not comparing the two shows literally! Other people just find it to be in poor taste, others want it taken off the air, and some people know the family, and are just being honest about their experiences with the Neiers girls and their mothers past.I know on this site everyone is Anonymous,but you were the last one to post at least a more civil message to all of us. Your B.S. never stops, and yes i have much better things to do in my life ,and well i had a few minutes during a lunch break and felt like responding. BTW no i'm not fat and ugly or jealous, yes i went to college, yes i have a wonderful husband, yes we have a very succssesfull business , and yes we are very happy. Yes we have a nice family.I think that covers most things you usually bash people about! I and many friends and my husband watched the show out of curiosity,but probably wont ever watch it again. Unfortunately this show is really targeting the 8 to 22 age bracket of young kids and sadly the show just might make it? BTW not every Robin is a woman ever hear of Robinhood ? LOL took you long enough to respond to that poster.The truth is best and the truth is this show is just wrong and sadly it paints these girls in a very slutty way! And the mother, and great mystic pastor on the secret, and flower essence school. what ever happened to parents being there to support and encourage there children to go to college ? These girls are not going to have anything to fall back on and that's sad because no one will ever take them seriously, as far as acting goes. If the young lady Tess wants to be a real professional model and actress, she needs to act more classy and dress more classy. Alexis will probably never have an acting career sadly and gabby well shes along for the ride, and one can only hope that sweet girl gets an education, a real one!


So stop watching these shows and they will eventually get kicked off the air. With the 10-15 minutes you "parents" are taking to post these comments you could be teaching your kids morals, showing them how to read, or even just spending time with them. Now there's an idea!

The funny thing is with all the people who bitch, you don't seem to do anything about it.

Are you serious!?!?!?

Ugh like are you serious?!!?! I hate seeing stupid ass comments like yours. Why the fuck would anyone be jealous of a train wreck family like that. They're sluts, crazy, clearly uneducated, criminals(lol), desrespectful and they cute but not the most beautiful ppl in the world.... i seriously see nothing to hate on. And ur right ppl will tune in but when they watch it they will realize these are white trash crazy bitched and change the channel. Not EVERYBODY want to be famous. I could really careless. Atleast im doing something with my life instead to using my looks and body to get around. They are just sad.


This is what's wrong with not only with TV, but our world. This is a perfectly stupid shallow piece of shit show. It makes me sick that kids are able to watch this. E! should be ashamed of itself. Seriously wrong!

Yeah I just saw these three

Yeah I just saw these three dumbass girls on the red carpet show for the oscars... I thought to myself who the he'll are these girls now?? Every time I turn around stupid girls are trying to get famous. Now that I know who they are all I can say is WTF!?!? Kids that are breaking into celebrity homes aren't the best thing to bring to tv... Let alone how sluty and nasty they are. Their parents need to BE Parents! All I know for sure is I'm not watching this show... I hope it fails. Get a life girls!

Please - come on - E!TV give me that 30 minutes of my life BACK!

Ok I just watched Pretty Wild - by accident actually, (watched Kendra)
and I had to get online to see "who the hell" is this family?
- and why in the world would anyone use 2 preferctly fine feet of film
to put their experience on broadcast TV...
And just like I thought
they are NO ONE...

Hey E! (I am going to use extra exclamation marks because I really want them to hear me)
so again I say HEY E!!!!!!!!!
Can you like take
Heidi & Spencer from The Hills -
HOLLY Montag...
The NEW Girls Next Door
Roxy from The City
Scott from The Kardashians
Kendra's mother and
Elizabeth from The View
The "other" Lohans
(the mom and the younger sister)
AND NOW......
the girls from this Pretty Wild ...
and put them all on ONE 30 minute show
that runs maybe once a year ....
so that the 3 people who care about these people
still have availability to them?

I can't even BELIEVE these people
make it on TV?
Are you kidding me?
Are you serious?

I just don't even get it ... not even slightly.
I am easily entertained...I really am -
but the aforementioned and now
this new Pretty Wild family?
Gosh - it makes ME - a Reality TV FAN
want to join Netflix and just get rid of broadcast TV....
(Wondering if Netflix has Laguna Beach...the early years?)

YEA - even that is better than this crap ...
Have to go and puke now - be back later


I didnt realize that television could be so bad. The show was "unscripted", it looked like an episode of cops, what morons. People wonder why our country is in trouble, why we have dropped from the most educated nation to way under par. This is why, stupid people like this. I dont care if the oldest one has a great rack, it just so terrible. Im sure it will be very popular show too. Dammit!

They're just trying to be

They're just trying to be like the Kardashians!!

Wild and Pretty...

Are ppl so off and delirious? THESE GIRLS, INCLUDING THE MOTHER, ARE PHYSICALLY BEAUTIFUL! Give me a break! Any of you, male or female, would everything you're doing to be with these physical jems. Stop kidding youselves. All four of these females are TENS. The Karddasians have NOTHING on these girls. NOTHING!

None of them are beautiful

None of them are beautiful they look like any other person you wold see on the street. You are an delirious idiot!

Yes breaking into people's

Yes breaking into people's homes, taking drugs, not having goals = so beautiful! I am way jealous.


This comment has been deleted by the administration because it was mean and nasty. Keep it civil, folks.


Let me just say this, I

Let me just say this, I watch anything and everything. I get a kick out of reality TV for some reason-shoot me. I watched this show last night just out of curiousity and was seriously disturbed. These girls are children being blindly lead through Hollywood by their mother who feeds them aderol (to keep them thin and able to model) every morning and home schools them. These girls do not have a shot in hell in being normal, except for maybe Gabby, the 15-year-old, who seems to be the only one with sense. I am 25 and have a 16-year-old sister and pray she does not watch this show and think anything about it is normal. The majority of the show was them half-naked on a stripper pole, half-naked on a runway, being rude, etc. I'm so disturbed, as was my boyfriend. This show is jaw droppingly horrific.

i think the girls are pretty

i think the girls are pretty but way too young to be doing this stupid stuff. it has alot to do with the parents and how they were raised. where was cps when they needed them? the oldest isnt really part of the family so if her real parents would let someone as messed up as andrea take their child i can only imagine what this girl (tess) went through with her real mother. as for gabby everyone keeps saying she's the only one with hope well if you've seen the show the girl is a train wreck herself she cant keep it together. she cried uncontrollably for what? cuz the family wanted to move? what a psycho she is obviously on something.as for alexis she is the jealous one. she has to steal from ppl cuz she wants to act like she has money when she is actually broke as hell and her family is in debt this show is their last hope. the mom i guess was too busy spending time and money on drugs. yeah we all should be jealous of them sounds like a great life.



I just watched this show and

I just watched this show and I now understand that human life has hit an all time low. This review does not even begin to describe how worthless not only the show is but this family is in real life. These bitches should have all been hung next to Sadam because they are the worst human beings on the face of the earth, and describing them as human beings is a complement. Also, did the mom create her own religion? "And so it is". WTF is that you crazy piece of shit.

I like

watching the girls on the show because they are hot. It is the perfect show for a 14 year old boy to watch with the volume muted so you don't have to listen and just watch.

Makes Dina Lohan Look Saintly...

I watched the premier and must say that soon enough, society will be supporting these girls and their strange and trashy thin haired mother. Their schooling consists of listing reasons they admire Angelina Jolie and something about flower essence? All I see are ass cheeks flying around...and their mom feeds them all Adderall every morning? All three supposedly are ADHD and they run downstairs to get pills? The first episode has the LAPD executing a search warrant for a little thief. This show is nuts and I doubt it will have a second season because jail or a psych ward may be in the imminent future for one or all of these girls (and crazy mom). And yes, the oldest girl is really hot, the middle one is nothing to write home about, and the youngest is so-so. The mom is about 20 years too old.

Pretty Wild/Kardashians

I watched the show, I thinks it's pretty entertaining. Why is everyone so down on this family? The girls are all pretty and so is the mother. Why would someone say "the mothers 20 years too old?" What sense does that make? Really? Ask yourself that, how could the mother fix that? Go back in time? How old should a mother be? How old is your mother? Is she 20 years too old? How and why would you berate someones age? We all get older everyday that we live. I mean, that is just the lamest thing I've ever heard in my life! You can be pretty, cute, handsome at any age, idiot!!! Sounds like jealousy to me, pure jealousy. They are about as dysfunctional as everyone's family is! If you should be putting anyone down, it would be a couple of those Kardashian sisters, the two with the blank look in their eyes and the monotone voices. Chloe is the only naturally pretty one, she's real, her eyes have life behind them, the other two, Kim and Courtney, way too much makeup. Who really looks like that all the time? So fake, the tones in their voices are so monotone! The mother is ok. Scott, OMG, the most nauseating douche bag I've ever seen in my life. Try's so hard to look like a preppy model, this guy has no class whatsoever in the world. That poor baby, that's who I feel sorry for. Courtney has to be pretty hard up to stay with him, regardless if he is the baby's father, she doesn't need this lame ass idiot in her life. It's clear the whole family hates him. He is the biggest train wreck I've ever seen in my life, what a fake, no real man dresses like that! And listen up, to put someone down because of their age is flat ass ignorant! So there! You go Pretty Wild Girl's! Yea. Can you believe the people out there taking their time to put you down, they obviously need to get something going in their own lives. I'm glad they have a show and are making money what the hell's wrong with that? If you don't want your kids watching it, don't let them, simple as that. NO, I don't usually rant like this and take my time to, but it really pissed me off that some idiot put Andrea down because of her age. It's just sooooooo stupid! signed: loving the Pretty Wild show on E! Andrea, you are beautiful!

OOOOHHHHh yea!!!!! So maybe

OOOOHHHHh yea!!!!! So maybe we should excuse their criminal, disrespectful and slutty background because they are pretty!! Ok good idea dumbass.

Haha wow

Ok I don't even know what this site is. But I was reading these comments and....

Damn guys, chill out. Who the hell cares... It's those girls lives, don't worry about it. You don't like it, don't watch it. You don't want your kids to be exposed to it, don't let them watch it. It's pretty simple. Definitely not that big a deal. So quit typing like novels about how it's affecting all of your lives soo much, because it's not. Ya'll are all just bored and need something to bitch about for entertainment.

So chill the eff out, take a deep breath, and get back to your own life. Don't worry about theirs.


It might be a horrible show but these girls are SMOKIN HOT!! I will watch every week regardless of what the show is about.

Get an EFFING life!!!!!


Fake show. Fake stars. Fake

Fake show. Fake stars. Fake Paparazzi. Have you ever heard of these morons? Yeah I didn't either. Did you see the 'paparazzi' waiting for them? Yeah like what..3 guys? Hmm..looks pretty set up to me. Trying to make these 'famous' girls actually seem famous. I've never seen their faces in the years I've been reading TMZ and Radar online. Ever. And for a 'famous' mom with 'famous' girls that house looks like what..1500 sq ft? Nice 'fancy' kitchen too there, eh? Did I see that it opens right up into the front door area? Classy. These girls aren't famous or hot. True 'butterfaces'. Nice bods. Ugly faces and piercings and tats.

I totally agree, Kelsey!

I totally agree, Kelsey! Pretty wild? Pretty shitty!!! Feel sorry for these little girls and their lack of guidance.





People are going to do what

People are going to do what they want to do. The girls on the show will do what they want to live their life. You, as you're reading this, are doing what you want to do. If you don't approve of their lives, don't watch them on television, or watch it and keep the complaints to yourself. If you like it, good for you. Each to his or her own.

wildly misled is what i think the show should be named

wow i watched the show for the first time last night and i couldnt believe how supportive the mom is of her daughter being arrested for burgulary ummm .... hello this is why so many of the young stars have drug habits because the parents arent being parents they are using there kids as a meal ticket and i think its disgusting .... i will say they are beautiful girls but they could use a few lessons on how to be beautiful young ladies and not attention whores i feel sorry for these girls ... im sure we will be reading in the magazines alex checks into rehab or tess has a eating disorder etc...these reality shows are getting so outta control people are so desperate for fame they will do anything ! its so sad .

p.s did u see the part where her mom gave her aderol
isnt that for adhd? or is it something she is using for weight loss and energy
ive takin them and they make u all tweeked out like u are on meth....

All Time Low

I had accidentally stumbled accross this show about 10 min's into it. This redefines "mindless garbage." It also raises the question as to what's become of a premium being put upon intellect in this country.......no longer is intelligence respected...rather it's mocked. I am an ultra liberal and certainly believe in being able to watch or broadcast whatever you choose, that's not my problem with this. My problem is what's wrong with those who find this entertaining!


this show is ridicolous...i have seen more skin on these girls than any episode of girls next door and keeping up with the kardashians. I am rarley offended by shows but this is crazy. i dont think there is any other show out there that promotes this much bad behavior of young girls. I cant believe this is the direction tv is going in.

Fake & Phony

If you people think that this is unscripted, you must be crazy! I do believe that parts of this show are loosely based around families such as this but I honestly can't believe all of it is true. Most of the parts of the show I've seen look more like "dramatizations". Its bullshit if ya ask me.


Back when technology wasn't as broaden as it is now it forced society to take action when it came down to certain circumstances like this. I feel like technology is creating a world of laziness and many other things but my point is that we all can take the time out to sit here and complain about the show and what it's doing to your children and society itself but how is that going to change anything? When computers weren't even in existence what did we do, protest, there were petitions and many other ways to take legal action. What have we learned? Don't let society dictate what we see and what we hear, we have to live in this world but we don't have to accept whatever comes our way. I wonder what would happen if everything we watched & heard had the same concept as that of Pretty Wild, I would literally have a headache but I'm afraid that if it did happen nobody would be bold enough to speak up about it. I'm only 14 and it's sad the way society is teaching young girls how to be rebellious that's all this show is about. One of the girls said I hate rules and she'll do anything to break them ..come on. Shows like Bad Girls Club, what are young girls learning from that? This world is full of sin, we are born into sin but when you don't have God in your life that's what happens, sin leads to death. I know there are people out there that have the same mentality as me and agree with what I'm saying but there are those that are gonna mock me and feel like it's not even that serious..it is serious and the more we continue to take on that "its not that serious" attitude..the worse it's gonna get..trust me..

yo whats the big deal

Why is Chelsea Handler mention in some of these cmmt......shes great so back off bitch! u guys are suck pussied..lol! peace out!wait! whers chuy?lol

I'm surprised, to say the

I'm surprised, to say the least, at the tone and caliber of the comments left here. I read Bitch regularly, and assumed (most of) the rest of the readership was media savvy and beyond the whole "shut up, bitch, they're hot" level of commenting represented here. I mean, most of these posts would have been torn apart on a site like Jezebel, which I think is generally less intellectual and thoughtful than Bitch. Most of the time, anyway.

I'm guessing a google search of Pretty Wild led many people to this page (it's like the fourth or fifth result when one searches "pretty wild tv show") and that might help to explain some of the comments. Or maybe these are all fellow Bitch readers, and I've seriously misjudged the people who read the magazine. (Ha ha. I don't think so.)

As far as Pretty Wild goes, I've watched the first two episodes and been simultaneously nauseated and entertained. I'm 24 years old, grew up with moderate exposure to media, and happen to have a weakness for certain terrible reality TV. Do I feel guilty contributing to the ratings of the show, which is undeniably awful? Sure. But I'm not going to apologize for watching it and being entertained by its absurdity. It saddens me that the content of this show may be detrimental to some young women (body image, what one should do to be "famous" etc.) but I don't think that's reason enough to "ban" anything. Censorship is not the answer.

As the author of the post stated, cancellation wouldn't be so bad. Until then, we have a choice about what we choose to watch, or to let our children watch. Although, I think if your kids are teenagers, it's not so much about setting locks on the TV-- if my parents had done that I would have done everything possible to make sure I could watch those channels-- but to have discussions with them about what's on TV, see what they think about it, and make sure they understand your opinions about what is and is not normal. Censorship is reactionary and unfortunately, avoiding exposure to shows like Pretty Wild is impossible. We can work to change the culture, and that starts with discussion.

And ultimately, how important is this show that's probably going to run for two seasons, at the most? Getting worked up about it will generate more attention than it merits, which is probably what E's looking to do, anyway. It's a trashy show. Tell the teenage girls in your life you think it's trashy. And if you find it reprehensible, then don't tune in.


Television is dead.

pretty wild

Here is another stupid, has-been mother pimping her daughters. It is truly
pathetic. This is an all time low for reality television. Imagine this idiot
home schooling anyone...she can't put a complete sentence together...

pretty stupid

I agree...I wasted 30 minutes of my life that i will never get back checking out the moronic behavior of mother and daughters...what has our culture come to that we approve of such disrespectful behavior...its degrading and ultimately sad. I am even more distressed that this show represents everything there is to say about bad parenting and overindulged bratty kids.

My only question is: How

My only question is: How did these girls get a show? I get that they're young and hot, but honestly that can't be the only reason. I mean they're nobodies. Kim Kardashian at least had a sex tape which made her mildly popular before her family got that show. But maybe five people knew these girls before they had a show (and one of those people is her mom).
How did E! get the idea to give these random ass girls a show? How were they chosen for this horrible idea? Did they win a contest? Did they comb through the archives of retired models who might have hot daughters? I'm being serious, I want to know why these particular girls were given a show. Young hotties are a dime a dozen. Why them?

My only problem is that the

My only problem is that the youngest one is 16 and they are exposing them naked on t.v. and also apparently their mom was a former playboy model so Pretty sure their modeling agents wanted to get them a show with three sisters and a playboy model. So they would probably have more drama then Kim Kourtney and Khloe because they are only teenagers. Also if your commenting how hot they are and your above 25 you are pretty disturbing.

Well Hot women are hot even

Well Hot women are hot even if i'm 20 or 45. What is disturbing is the fact that one cannot allow himself even acknowledging it. I am not getting a 20 yr old girlfriend because I'm sure I will strangle her in a day, but I will admit that a girl is hot whenever i want.

A 16 year old girl is not a

A 16 year old girl is not a woman, she's a child- and to be quite honest, you can admit that you think she's hot all you want, but it still makes you a fucking creep.

i think these girls..are so

i think these girls..are so slutty and this show is full of drama sillyness and i guess stealing from other peoples house...

"Pretty Wild"

I absolutely agree with all that you said about this rediculous reality series! I feel that it just shows impressionable young girls that it is cool to strut around, steal, and act like spoiled little brats! And i as well am shocked to find out that Chelsie Handler is part of this! I thought she would be above this type of hype! I guess it's just another one of those shows I'll have to have "parental control" over! Too bad, I actually like alot of reality t.v. can we come up with something better please????

This show is the dumbest

This show is the dumbest idea E! has ever came up. Its definitely wildly shittttyyy!!!!


This is exactly why we have problems in this country trying to explain simple issues to stupid people. Can't handle managing a puppy, oh then just discard it like trash. I think mom is a pimp......

This show sucks! I tried

This show sucks! I tried watching it once & just could not stand watching these stupid bitches! Their Mom is a dumb ass. E really needs to pull the plug.

human garbage

This is the WORST show that has ever been on TV- Off the air and E developers fired! Report the the mother to CPS.

Does anyone else have issues

Does anyone else have issues with this nut case basing her kids whole "home School" lessons on the secret? anyone ever heard of math, english, art, social studies, science...and why is it that she was allowed to even home school these poor naive girls.

A Family That Upholds Christian Morals???

Are you kidding? The mother allowing her daughters to be photographed topless>??? COME ON. What is wrong with this picture? They strip, pray, steal, pray, date unappropriate men, pray, and it goes on and on. What a joke. Chelsea Handler...are you this SICK?

How is it possible Tess also

How is it possible Tess also has a deficiency disorder when she is not even blood related to the other 2 girls???? I don't get it! Drama queens!

"Pretty Wild" "Pretty Sick!!"

I just had to find a place to post after watching all 3 episode of this train wreak called Pretty Wild. It will be my last viewing of this show. I can not contribute to the ratings anymore!
I hope the Department of Children Services steps in and at least removes Gabby from the home. The mother Andrea is an unfit mother if there ever was one!!!!! I have no personal knowledge but if she's not on drugs I would be very surprised. She is however completely out of her mind! No fit mother would behave the way she does. Condoning bad behavior, making excuses for the wrong they do, not providing them with an education which by the way is the law in the United States until the age of 16 and encouraging them to spread their legs to get ahead in this world.
I'm 53 years old and homeschooled my daughter and have raised her to be an asset to this world. Not a sponge who feeds off of others.
This is the worst show I have ever seen on the E! channel. If it continues to be in the line up E! will not be a channel I watch anymore.

lyk come on tess n lexi are

lyk come on tess n lexi are SO over age
so lyk quit hating on my boos
u jus wish ur lyk was a reality show

I don't know where these

I don't know where these girls came from . They have to be theee biggest crybabies I've ever seen . It's ridiculous . I too am surprised Chelsea Handler was any part of this . Honestly ?! If they want a real reality show if you even want to call it that , they could video tape my life , your life. . . Or a bum's life . What gets me the most is 1) All the crying over a dog & comparing it to a human-being being adopted . 2) the fact that whatever her name is is crying over Ryan Cabrara who is supposed to be Audrina from The Hills' boyfriend . 3) the youngest one throwing a fit & crying over moving.(bit of a drama queen as the rest) 4) All the hugging,moping,crying over completely STUPID and POINTLESS things. oh & #5 "And so it is" . hahah like really ? They're not the Kardashians; which that's what it seems like who they're trying to be like . NO THANK YOU . I see no point to this "show". Who are these KIDS ?

Cancel this bullshit!!

I COMPLETELY agree. i cannot stand this show and it should def be cancelled. it is sooooo fkn annoying they are so fake and overdramatic. I was really annoyed by those same exact things. Crying for that bitch bein in jail. She deserved it!!! they tried to make it seem like she was the victim when shes the one who committed the crime. Own up to your own damn actions or dont do it in tha first place. The unneccesary overdramatic temper tantrum Gabby had about movin, all that damn crying over the dog, that stupid dumbass "and so it is" thing, the way they talk 2 eachother in that annoying ass whiny voice. And they cry like bigass babies in like evry fukn episode or evry preview i see. And when Alexis was in either the first or second episode trying on sunglasses saying she could hide from the paparrazi in them "Hide from what paparrazzi!!!!??? For What!? No paparrazi is goin 2b chasin after you!! anyways yea ther pretty but ther not thattt fukn hot and that one bitch aint evn legal yet. the most annoying thing was when they went out on a supposedly "date" wit tha guy from the 49'ers (i forgot his name lol, i know i think its Vernon) and Alexis was really tryin to make it seem like they had or could maybe in the future actually have something going on. He wasnt paying any attention to her, which is why she didnt get HIS number. Anywayss their mother really is a bad example of a mother and a dumb bitch they dont deserve to have their own show and they really are settin a bad example for young girls.

i totally do not agree on

i totally do not agree on this! i love this show!
its lyk soo shitty that u cant take ur eyes off of this!
it gives u sumthing to laugh ur ass off && i love the mom
she remids me of the mom on mean gurls!!
and to finish this show is just off the chain
&& so it is!

i agree with you the

i agree with you
the biatches with the lame
comments are just fat lonely chest less skanks!
dont they wish the hada body lyk us!
best show after the kardashians booya!
smooches barbiedoll!

n so it is!

wow stop being such a mom

wow stop being such a mom and let these girs have their fun! they are young and beautiful and having the time of their lives. seriously their life has nothing do do with you so stop posting shit about them and how you think their inappropriate. grow up and stop being jealous that your life wasnt like theirs grammy! :)


My real question is how come people that are so much in love with the show reading this articles and all the comments and even take the time to post one insulting us? Also I would never want my life to be like theirs. Publicized expose. I understand the point of Tess and Alexis being expose they are legal adults. Still allowing Gabby to face with the same issues is wrong and criminal.

I watched two episodes of

I watched two episodes of this show just to see what all the hype was about. My brain is still bleeding. I don't know what I expected, given the popularity of Jersey Shore, Real World, Keeping up with the Kardashians, etc. etc. etc. This is one of the most repulsive things on television, and that's saying a lot. The "Andrea" character seems to be a drugged out caricature, with her pathetic mantras. The daughters embody everything that is wrong with their generation, enabled by their poor excuse of a mother. The desperation of E is further demonstrated by the necessity of showing the naked breasts of these girls in both episodes. Not that it will matter, but I will never waste another second of my life on this garbage.

I used to think that Chelsea Handler had some redeeming qualities, but that is gone now. She probably had more class when she was in her alcoholic binges having sex with any and all comers in seedy dive bars, than she shows in producing this exploitive, verging on kiddie porn trash.

losers unlimited

I just don't get it...I mean the "lifestyles" the "choices"

These folks actually could have a decent life.....

The girls are pretty ...yet trashed with hideous tattoos & dress like streetwalkers

They family has money coming in ...yet blow it on junk, luxuries,partying, pet store pets, impulse shopping,way over priced rent..etc...

none of those girls have real jobs or responsibility.

.usually folks with those lifestyles end up, jail, broke & homeless