Fabulous way to bring in the new administration

While I identify as a sea creature ally more than a Femme Shark, the Femme Sharks are, nonetheless, one of my very very favorite organizations in the world. Created as a way to redefine and reclaim what 'femme' can mean especially as it pertains to and centers women of color, the Femme Sharks are fierce, in your face, and unapologetic in their love and their activism. If you are in the San Franscisco area, I highly encourage you to make it out to the rally and show some femme sharks some loving!


THIS SATURDAY 1/24/09, meetup at 10:30 by farmer's market in front of the FERRY BUILDING. BE ON TIME BECAUSE THERE'S GONNA BE MAD AMOUNTS OF PRO-LIFE JERKS!!!!!
if you're late and trying to find us, text me- (510) 809-6679


p.s. if you're like, who the crap are these femme sharks, there's info about that at the tail end of this email.

as you may know, femme sharks are pro-abortion when women want to have them. we are HELLA PISSED about the upcoming walk for life because WE ALL KNOW THEY ARE FUCKING LIARS. WE KNOW THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT OUR LIVES. WE KNOW THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE CONDITIONS OUR CHILDREN LIVE IN. WE KNOW THAT THEY CHEERED ON ISRAEL'S INVASION OF GAZA, even though more than four hundred palestinian children died.
why are they so goddamned concerned about the decisions women need to make about their pregnancies? IT'S LIKE, BITCH, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO PAY FOR MY FUCKING CHILDCARE, ARE YOU??? sharks know that the world can be really fucking shitty and sometimes money is what it comes down to, but that there's lots of reasons we make the decisions we make and
all of those reasons are fucking valid, and we don't have to justify shit, and we have nothing to atone for.

Also, for the record, ABORTION IS NOT JUST A STRAIGHT WOMEN'S ISSUE. LET'S NOT LIE, HELLA GAY GIRLS GET PREGS. but even if it was a straight issue, we hella have straight women's backs on this shit because SHARKS KNOW THAT JUST BECAUSE WE FUCK PEEPS WHO CAN'T GET US PREGNANT DOESN'T MEAN THAT WE ARE ANY BETTER THAN STRAIGHT WOMEN. sharks are in solidarity with our straight sisters.

femme sharks don't want to say we are pro-choice because the shit is so much more complex than that. FEMME SHARKS ARE FUCKING PRO REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE, and we believe that we're going to see it this lifetime. THERE'S LOTS OF SHIT THAT SHARKS AND SEA CREATURE ALLIES CAN DO TO PROMOTE REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE, SO LET'S FUCKING DO IT

COME PROTEST THE WALK FOR LIFE. LET'S GIVE THEM A PIECE OF OUR MINDS, AND THE FINGER. walk for life is THIS SATURDAY 1/24/09. in case you're not familiar, it's when the pro-"life"rs get together and prance around sf. it's people from all over the west coast, and there's tons of them. they have a program with some speakers too in Justin Herman Plaza

MEET UP AT 10:30 AM by the farmer's market in front of the FERRY BUILDING. LET'S BE ON TIME SHARKS because we will be outnumbered. BRING PROPS, BRING A MEGAPHONE, BRING SIGNS, especially ones that say shit like, your kids are going to grow up to be sluts like us, and U.S. out of my uterus, Iraq, or whatever sharks are feeling in their hearts. For those of us who've had abortions, maybe finding short ways to tell our stories.

AND COME WEARING YR MOST FABULOUS OUTFIT AND FINS IF YOU'VE GOT EM. let me be clear, that sharks are not trying to go to jail over the walk for "life,", but we do want to be in their faces and shit. sharks want to put it out there that ways to show our resistance can (but by no means need to) include getting as naked as is legal (tape over nipples?), and making out and shit. even though most of us can't get our partners pregnant (certainly not due to lack of trying), somehow the christian right still hates it when we have sex.

i really want this to be big. if you know me, you know this is close to my heart. femme sharks need to stand united, screaming our hearts out and fucking shit up!!! femme sharks are going to fin up and let the pro-lifers know that WE ARE GOING TO HAVE AS MANY ABORTIONS AS WE GODDAMN WANT TO/ NEED TO.

other ways to promote reproductive justice:

work on the shit that impacts the "choices" we make, like racism, classism, sexism, the prison industrial complex, the military industrial complex, child abuse, relationship violence. start in your home and in your community.

if you're bay area, volunteer at EXHALE, which is a hotline women can call to talk about their feelings about a current pregnancy or about previous abortions. (people otherwise involved in the abortion decision, partners, families, and friends can also call).

WORK AT AN ABORTION CLINIC AND TREAT PREGNANT WOMEN WITH RESPECT. lots of sharks work at clinics, or have worked at clinics, and abortion is undeniably a part of what makes us sharks. or volunteer as a clinic escort-- even in san francisco, we have protesters at the clinic

support the folks in your life who are parenting, in literal and concrete ways.

give money to an abortion fund. so many funds are out of money these days, like a lot of us are these days. but whatever you can give goes towards helping someone afford an abortion.

take care of your health. get a pap smear, get tested. if you're using birth control know how it works and what the side effects are.

in the hands of the shark pussy goddess,
zuleikha. okay, beena.

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"AND COME WEARING YR MOST FABULOUS OUTFIT AND FINS IF YOU'VE GOT EM. let me be clear, that sharks are not trying to go to jail over the walk for "life,", but we do want to be in their faces and shit."


thank you, la macha!

We screamed when we saw this! It fucking made our day! Thank you for getting who we are and what we're about! I think the power of the Femme Sharks chanting SLUTS FOR CHOICE converted at least some pro life teenagers who were marching in the walk for "life". thank you so much for helping get the word out and supporting us.

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