Fall means.........time to host a house party for Bitch!

I don't know about you but I do believe nothing screams Fall like house parties! And what is even more Fall-like than hosting a house party to support Bitch

I know I don't need to do much convincing on this, because we have such loyal supporters, but hosting (or co-hosting) a house party is crucial to helping us reach our fundraising goals, getting the word out about independent, feminist, media criticism to new voices, staying connected to supporters across the country, and is a great way to meet your cute neighbor down the block.

We have created a house party kit that will help walk you throught the steps of party planning and if you
still have questions - ask away! If it is close to Portland, or we are already going to be in your area, a Bitch staffer can come to the party to tell thrilling tales of non-profit publishing on a shoestring budget! We rely on the support from our readers, much like public radio relys on their listeners, and we think this is a fun way to get folks involved in B-Word/Bitch's work. Please email amy@b-word.org for more information. 








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