Farewell, Sarah Haskins. We hardly knew ye.

We heard it through the internet vine yesterday that Sarah Haskins is leaving Target Women. Nooo! Though it’s great that Haskins is on her way to what seem like equally green if not greener pastures (penning scripts for Amy Poehler and Natalie Portman) she will be sorely missed. Sure, Target Women may get a new host, but who else could make us laugh about number two the way Sarah did?

In an interview with Jezebel’s Dodai Stewart yesterday, Haskins claimed the above video to be one of her favorite Target Womens, along with the following:


“It’s not a chore – it’s a date!”

Ann Curry

“The Today Show is trying to kill Ann Curry, and I can prove it.”

Lady friends

“Just another fascinating conversation between lady friends.”

If you haven’t seen Target Women (or if you just want to re-watch some of your fave episodes) you can view them all here. AND, don’t forget to check out Kjerstin’s interview with Haskins in the Buzz Words podcast (bonus interview material can be heard here).

Any ideas as to who you’d like to see host Target Women now that Haskins *sniff* is moving on *sniff*?

by Kelsey Wallace
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Awwww I loved her on target

Awwww I loved her on target women! She will be surely missed!

Aw, I'm really happy for her

Aw, I'm really happy for her but I'm gonna miss her on Target Women! That woman is my role model.

Sarah Haskins is my secret

Sarah Haskins is my secret soul mate.
When I'm at home, my dad will often walk in when I'm watching Target Women. He's a garden variety southern misogynist, and it amuses me to no end to see his confusion at whatever point Sarah's making. And he always laughs in agreement at the wrong parts, like when she sarcastically sums up a silly stereotype, like, "Women are too stupid to understand electronics with their tiny ladybrains."
I'll be missing her.

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