Featured Mom Blog: Hijas Americanas

This week's featured mom blog, Hijas Americanas, is written by another mom whose family is crafted by adoption. It's also a blog that didn't start out as a mom blog, but as Rosie Molinary's life opened up for her son to enter into it, her blog morphed as well.

Rosie began the blog to promote her book, which I reveiwed, that looked into the lives of Latinas around the USA and how being Latina impacted their lives. She talked with Latinas who grew up surrounded by other Latinas and those who grew up a bit more isolated from other Latinas. She also has set up Circle de Luz, which is a mentoring and scholarship program for young Latinas. In some ways, Rosie's been mothering well before she brought home her son.

What keeps me reading Rosie's blog as she explores motherhood is that she is also exploring race. She is Puerto Rican, who along with her husband, adopted a boy from Ethiopia. Rosie knew that she'd have to face some racial issues in this journey, but one of her first posts about privilege as a mother really moved me. For those of us who are more aware of our everyday privileges, or lack there of, gaining a privilege is unnerving and sometimes confusing.

As with every other mom blog I continue to read, Rosie is drawing the curtain open on the ups and downs of motherhood. Her honesty is welcomed, especially to this Latina who is also exploring this strange world.

by Veronica Arreola
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