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When I was asked to guest-blog for Bitch I knew I wanted to cover the mom angle. It's not so much that after becoming a mom that it's all I want to do, but rather, I still see a need to cover and promote feminist mom stuff. While there was quite a controversy last month on whether or not there is a divide between feminist blogs and mom blogs, I want to use this temporary soap box to point out some of my favorite feminist mom blogs. Some are obviously feminist mom blogs and some will be a bit more subtle. But hopefully you will come to see that mom blogs come in many flavors and some of us are feistier than others.

My first shout out is to my friend, PunditMom who describes her blog as "a mother's guide to politics and a place for women to get their political fix and discuss their political ideas." PunditMom rarely blogs about her daughter, PunditGirl, but when she does I love it. Hey, I'm a mom and love to hear about my friends' kids. Sue me.

But my favorite part of PunditMom's blog is a feature called, "Mothers of Intention." It was meant to be a place where PunditMom would talk a non-political-blogging mom into writing at least one political post. It's evolved to include some of us more politically blogging moms, but it's still a feature to be checked out.

Mom blogs or mommy blogs as some call them, have been getting a ton of press for being a place where products are shilled (I admit, I shill from time to time) and how marketers can't get enough of us. Actually, we are far more than just a place to promote the latest diaper cream or must have toy. The mom blog community is a place where we really do have each other's back - most of the time - and I think is a revolutionary step in ending the big lie that we're all trying to be perfect moms and living perfect lives.

by Veronica Arreola
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Professional feminist, former Bitch Media board member, mom, and writer. Creator of #365FeministSelfie.

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