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I've been reading Dawn forever and each time I get a chance to mention her as a mom blog I do. This Woman's Work is an amazing blog.

In a nutshell, Dawn has brought us along on her journey as a mom to Noah, wife to Brett, through her & Brett's desire to be parents again and their decision to bring Madison, through adoption, into their family. What sets Dawn's blog a part of other mom blogs is her honesty. The epitome of her honesty is how she is managing the open adoption of Madison.

Madison's first mom, Pennie, lives in town, is part of the family and Madison knows all of this. Pennie is now expecting a son, whom she will raise, and of course this is adding to the blossoming story at "This Woman's Work":

Sometimes people tell me that our story — our open adoption — doesn't matter because Madison is still so small, like journeys don't matter as much as destinations. They're missing the point. In adoption, there is no happy ending — it's all journey. And every part of it is a story unto itself. I don't know how Madison will feel about her open adoption in twenty years and I don't know how Pennie will feel about it either but that's not what matters right now. What matters right now is the relationships we share at this minute and the way we're writing our story and they way we're struggling to make sense of our family.

I admit that some days I read this blog with tissue in hand. I find the love and understanding overwhelming. Dawn recently decided to apply for graduate school to earn a degree in counseling. I can't think of a better person to be counseling others. I wish her lots of luck in her new adventure. I can't wait to read all about it.

by Veronica Arreola
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What a refreshing post!

I think this idea of open adoption between two women is a wonderful post topic...

Adoption is truly an example of the strength of women and the power of motherhood (biological and otherwise) and I wish it was discussed more often in feminist context.

Kudos to these women for embarking on a journey full of unknowns, hardships and powerful emotions for the sake of giving this child the best. I'm very inspired.

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