Femident Toothpaste: For women with teeth

On the newest episode of Flight of the Conchords,
Brett and Jemaine write a jingle for Femident, a new brand of
toothpaste that is just for women. True to Conchords form, the song is
cute, funny, and sensitive to a woman’s [dental] needs. Plus, how hilarious are their toothpaste hats?



I think my favorite line is: You’re a woman you have women’s rights, you’re a woman with teeth now take a bite

If you haven’t had a chance to watch this new episode yet, I recommend it. Not only is it entertaining, but the gender discussion is interesting as well. It’s especially funny/interesting to watch Brett and Jemaine attempt to write a jingle just for women, something the Femident representative thinks will be easy for them because, “they’re the feminine guys.”

And how typical is it that an all-male band would be asked to reach out to women and write about women’s hygiene? So funny. 

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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That line was

That line was actually:

You're a woman and you love to weave
You're a woman and you have women's needs
I'll know you'll have women's rights
You're a woman with teeth now take a bite

Still your favorite?

Femident lyrics

LOL, the little ditty Jemaine sang while they were brainstorming for the Femident commercial is brief a hilarious as well... "Some women like men, some are lesbians... Femident Toothpaste..." Anyways, the actual line from the commercial is "I know you love women's rights, you're a woman with teeth now take a bite." Here are the correct lyrics.


You are a woman you wear women's wear.
You have breast and longish hair, oh yeah.
You're kind-of found everywhere,
yet you're still very rare, oh yeah.
You're a woman and you love to weave.
You're a woman, you have woman's needs.
I know you love women's rights.
You're a woman with teeth now take a bite.

Oh Femident Toothpaste, yeah.
For your feminine dental care, oh yeah.
Oh Femident Toothpaste...
Femident, Femident... Femident.

This reminds me of an advert

This reminds me of an advert I saw recently for <a href="http://naturawhite.com/">lazer teeth whitening</a> for women. It's funny when men are in charge.

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