Digging into Nü Sensae's Canadian Fuzz

Vancouver, BC’s bugged-out Nü Sensae sounds like “does ‘fuck you’ sound simple enough?”-mode Kim Gordon backed by the Canada’s scuzziest punk unit. They don’t aim to please. The band’s aggressive three-prong attack hinges on the most hideous combinations of power chords thrown over garbage can D-beats backed by power-line bass.

Their dangerous sound is quite alluring, and taking them across continents.


Drummer Daniel Pitout and bassist Andrea Lukic met in high school in Vancouver, and first played shows when they were 18 or 19, according to Pitout. The band has come a long way since their early days of Vancouver house shows, adding guitarist Brody Mcknight and playing a grand total of 12 shows at this years sweaty South by Southwest. Late last year Nü Sensae released their first record as a three-piece, Sundowning, for esteemed Northwest label Suicide Squeeze.



Pitout has also used his musical networking abilities to pull in help money for AIDS research. His AIDS Day Music Project offers a chance to win gifts from Grimes, Shannon and the Clams and none less than Ron Reyes (Chavo!) of Black Flag. “I have lost friends and family to AIDS,” Pitout explains over email. “I wanted to get my friends bands involved in helping to raise money for research and support.” 



Nü Sensae get psychedlic in the basement in their “Spit Gifting” video.


The band understands the power of music as a tool to rally people around a cause. “I think music has always played a strong role in getting ideas across,” Pitout writes. The band is no stranger to music’s ability to spread ideas; friend of the band and vocalist for White Lung, Mish Way uses her lyrics as a jumping-off point for discussions of feminism (Way also writes from her feminist perspective for the oh-so-gross Vice Magazine, a point I can’t quite reconcile).




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