Feminist Rapper: A Lady Made That!

Kelsey Wallace
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It’s somewhat of a running joke in feminist circles that, while awesome, a PhD in Gender Studies doesn’t exactly bring in the big bucks. Well, Jenny Hagel is looking to change that (or at least the character she plays in her new web series, Feminist Rapper is). In the first episode, “A Lady Made That,” a frustrated Gender Studies professor learns how to rap to try and get her students excited about the historical contributions women have made to society. A catchy rap that rhymes a’ight with Margaret Knight? A clueless student who confuses Judge Sandra Day O’Connor with Judge Dredd? A freestyle rap over the credits about Sojourner Truth and Susan B. Anthony? (Seriously don’t skip the credits because that freestyle is awesome.) I am already anxiously awaiting the next episode.

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I kind of think this is

I kind of think this is hilarious. Especially the frame when it showed there were only 3 people in the class. I have a hard time getting into history in its entirety, if I had a professor that wrote rhymes about it, I'd be in love.

"Because that's all you can

"Because that's all you can do with a PhD in Gender Studies..."
"Hey, can you teach me everything you know in a super quick montage!"

Definitely love the rap, but the dialogue totally made this video for me!

Can't wait for more episodes!

This is great!!!

Seriously, any video that can work Sojourner Truth into a freestyle AND show a training montage featuring a "money on my mind" inverse graph? That's comedy gold right there!

This works on so many

This works on so many levels. More, please!

Why is a rapping feminist a

Why is a rapping feminist a joke?



Rappin' feminists

Hi Sara,

I don't think the joke here is that a feminist is rapping, but rather that a frustrated professor learns to rap as a way to teach her students about feminism. The joke element is that an uptight academic becomes a rapper (and the lyrics to her song are pretty funny as well).

When we see a feminist rapper in a different context, like onstage or in a music video, it's not a joke at all. However, this webisode is a funny story about a rapping feminist, which is different than making rapping feminists a punchline to a joke (in my opinion, anyway).

bad ending

Why does the teacher has to be humiliated in the end by her student who make that comment :« you're a lesson», understating «you looked ridiculous right there».

Does anyone else had the same interpretation as me?

I think the reason why after i think about it is that it is funny and that kind of student well they always want to look better than the other and put them down. I think i'm depressed.

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