Five Reasons to Attend Girl Fest 2009


Girl Fest Hawaii is now in its sixth year of combating violence against women through a week of art, music, and workshops. This year’s festival, which runs from this Saturday, Nov 7th until the 14th in Honolulu is going to be just as great as ever! Check out these five (of many) reasons to attend or support Girl Fest Hawaii!

1. Ali Wong

This Cali native is making waves with her raunchy rants that will leave you in stitches. Voted this year’s Best Comedian by SF Weekly, you’d be amiss to be a-missin’ one of her THREE appearance this year at Girl Fest! (You can also always check out her Vimeo channel).

2. Moving your butt!
Girl Fest provides a variety of workshops for all ages and price ranges, from conflict resolution to zine making. But the most fun workshops are definitely surfing lessons, breakdancing taught by B-Girl Yoda Laneski, and Escrima and Jiu Jitsu self-defense. If you’re just in the mood for sport spectating, you can also catch Hawaii’s Roller Derby team (right) take on the LA Derby Dolls!

3. Changing the law
Hawaii is one of eight states that does not consider human trafficking a felony, and Girl Fest is committed to changing this. “Non Executive Director” Kathryn Xian knows first hand about changing sexual politics locally. She co-founded the Rape Free Zone Coalition, which caused the University of Hawaii to declare all ten of their campuses Rape Free Zones and required all staff and faculty to take anti-sexism training. Girl Fest representatives have already passed anti-sex tourism legislature in Hawaii, are active in a state-funded Anti-Trafficking Task Force, and partner with like-minded organizations like Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery and Men Can Stop Rape.

4. Call and Response

A documentary that mixes music with a message: today the world more human slaves than ever, revealing the sex traffickers make more money annually than Starbucks, Nike, and Google combined. A expert panel discussion on ending human trafficking comes the next day.

5. Girl Slam Bam!
This unique open mic night is for women and girls to express themselves in a non-competitive environment. You can also get your spoken word fix with slam poetry champ Jocelyn Ng, Mindy Nettifee and actress/writer Amber Tamblyn.

There’s a million other reasons to support the awesome activist arts festival! Visit Girl Fest’s website for more info, download their program here, or check out their 2009 promo below:

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Yes! I'm so excited to be in

Yes! I'm so excited to be in Honolulu for this!

me too!

a big thanks to bitch for posting about this rad event! every year i encourage everyone i know to check it out!

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