Five Reasons to See Thao & Mirah on Tour

We got a chance to see the lovely Thao & Mirah here in Portland on Sunday night. They’re on tour together in support of their collaborative album (which is terrific!) and the show was a total blast. Here are five reasons to see these two—and the great musicians they’re touring with—when they roll through your town:

Mirah and Thao on stage, shot from the side, each playing a guitar

1. The music is awesome. The new album, Thao & Mirah is terrific. Not only does it make for a great live show full of easy listenin’, but because the collaboration is so well done, each singer/songwriter gets a chance to shine individually as well as together. They each played a few of their solo tracks as part of the set, too.

2. It’s for a good cause. As a part of the album and tour, Thao & Mirah are teaming up with Air Traffic Control and donating a portion ticket sales to local nonprofits that work with survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

3. The band is a-mazing. I don’t know if they’ll be touring with the same musicians throughout the entire tour, but fingers crossed that they do. If this combination of violin/synth, upright bass, and killer drums with Thao and Mirah’s guitar stylings is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right (see video below for the band in action)!

4. There’s pattycake. That’s right; Mirah and drummer Lisa Schonberg play pattycake to provide some of the percussion during the set. This already cool thing was made even cooler when Mirah told the crowd that she had bruises on her thighs from doing it night after night. Now that’s some punk rock pattycake.

5. It’s a feel-good fest! Thao & Mirah are good friends, and it shows. They’re enjoying themselves on stage, the band is loving it, and the audience can’t help but join in. Dancing, funny anecdotes (Mirah had issues entering and leaving Canada without a passport, but their status as a “girl band” got them through customs), and just plain good times abound. Need proof? Check out the video below, from when a Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls auction winner got on stage with Thao & Mirah to sing Thao’s “Bag of Hammers.” (Song lyrics can be found here.) An upbeat sing-a-long that ends in hugs? Yep, sounds about right.

Thao & Mirah are touring the US through the end of June. Check the dates here to see if they’re coming to your town!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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aw looks so fun, sorry i

aw looks so fun, sorry i missed it, those two make a great pair!

I saw their first show at the

I saw their first show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles and it was fantastic. I love both of them. Thao & Mirah's live version of Mirah's "We're Both So Sorry" was beyond amazing. They rocked it. Hard. I definitely recommend this show.

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