Flowers for Feminism

Bitch is lucky enough to get special things in the mail from readers, makers and doers from time-to-time. Recently, one of these packages arrived for me from Kelly Abeln, Editor and Art Director of the publication, 'Cult of Flowers'.

Kelly and her crew, students at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, collaborated to create this beautifully designed, lovingly written primer-of-sorts on women, feminism and art. Along with profiles of influential artists, a brief history of feminism, as well as short fiction—there is a beautifully illustrated DIY lesson in creating a mask, which each member of the CoF crew has made for herself in what seems to be a sort of right of passage in to the world of feminist art. In a sense, the masks allow for anonymity—reminiscent of the Guerrilla Girls—and yet they simultaneously allow for individuality.

While the content can be a bit navel-gazey at times—a spread with member profiles covering things like 'What's your computer's desktop background?'—it really is genuine in its celebration of art made by women. And even if you're already overly-educated about feminist art—the warm, textured layouts, partnered with bold imagery and crisp typography makes for a truly enjoyable visual experience.

Get your hand-bound copy with fold-out poster included here!




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