Flying to WAM!

In the frenzy of preparing for my first Women, Action, and the Media (WAM!) conference, I'd arranged a flight that arrived in Boston a day before the conference actually began. Not cool since my hotel room share wasn't starting until tomorrow.

I wasn't too worried because I had a layover in Minneapolis and I managed to convince myself that surely the fine folks at Northwest would let me bump my flight to tomorrow and let me spend a day with my mom.

Well, the boarding agent would've happily rearranged my flight in exchange for $219. "But it's my mom," I reasoned. She wasn't moved. I handed over my boarding pass, took my seat, and for some reason, again let a sense of irrational optimism get the better of me as I told myself that surely I could find a reasonably-priced hotel nearby. 

Strike two. I couldn't find anything under $250. (It's probably apparent by now that planes and hotels aren't a regular part of my travels.) 

I moved onto Plan C and tracked down a dear old friend — and partner in so-called (Whole Foods union organizing) crime – who lives in Jamaica Plain with her girlfriend and their dog (it's like I never left Portland!). They graciously let me stay with them, and even gave me a tour of their neighborhood and took me out for the most amazing Indian food I've had in years. After, I watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development and went to sleep.

What would a trip entry be without some sort of animal photo? Here, below, are my gracious hosts: Karey, Julie, and Bijou the poodle. And yes, all three are as adorable and sweet as they look. 

Karey, Julie, Bijou

by Debbie Rasmussen
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